Shed Building Update (Day One Progress)

The weekend was beyond busy, so I’m just now getting to this post, but here’s a shed progress update from day one!

Saturday morning we got up bright and early (mostly thanks to Ian), and took care of all our “morning” stuff (feeding pets, eating breakfast, etc) before heading outside to get down to business!  We started by cutting the floor joists and trying to determine the best way to “frame” the floor to ensure it stays level. We eventually decided to just build it on our cinderblock foundation (which we prepared a while ago).

The foundation

The foundation

Doing the floor actually wasn’t nearly as difficult as we had feared. Probably the hardest thing was keeping Ian occupied. We set up a picnic blanket with some toys, books, coloring books, and crayons. He was able to entertain himself for about 20 minutes before he came running to us, ready to play. Eventually, however, we did get the floor framed and the plywood sheeting attached.


The floor joists assembled, and Ian’s space



The shed has a floor!


And it's level!

And it’s level!

Next, it was time to start the walls.  Again, this wasn’t too terrible… we were feeling like we might have this shed building stuff down! We had to carry a lot of 2x4s to the backyard, and of course right about this time Ian started getting very clingy, so we had to come up with some way to get him out of our hair. Finally, inspiration struck! Ian LOVES to help. So we decided to give him a “very important” task to keep him busy and out of the way- carrying small pieces of wood from the driveway to the backyard. He was thrilled to be involved and helping, and he took his job very seriously… we had 12 pieces of wood in the backyard by the end of the day.

Carrying pieces of wood

Carrying pieces of wood

Fortunately this allowed us to get all the walls built. Clever mommy and daddy!

Walls built

Walls built


And starting to go p!

And starting to go up!

Putting up the walls went pretty smoothly. Ian “helped” by doling out nails. He also found the pen and started decorating the floor before we realized what was happening. I quickly took the pen away, but the floor will remain forever market by our son…oh well. I suppose it could be worse!

Ian's contribution to the aesthetics

Ian’s contribution to the aesthetics

It was an absolutely exhausting day, but we did manage to get a substantial amount of work done. All in all, I’m extremely pleased with our progress and our work. Here’s our end-of-day-one picture!

End of day one

End of day one


So what do you think? How’s it looking? Do you think we’re a little crazy to be tackling this project with a toddler underfoot (it’s ok if you do…we’re questioning our mental state, too)?

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