Shed Building Update (Day Two Progress)

Well it’s been hard to work on the shed AND chronicle our adventure, so these updates are ending up spaced further apart than I had hoped.  But, hey, I’m impressed I’m getting the update written at all- so there you go!

Day two was trying.  Us trying to get the wall sheathing attached, us trying to get the rafters up, us trying to avoid Ian, us trying not to kill each other.  But, even though it was trying, it was successful.  If you remember, this is how we ended day one:

End of day one

End of day one


First order of business on day two was to build the rafters.  Jon mostly did this while Ian and I ran to the store to get groceries (it was weekly grocery day!) and to buy more supplies.  Even though the kit was supposed to come with sufficient nails, etc…we ran out.  So either we were overzealous with our nailing, we used the wrong nails, or the kit grossly underestimated the number of nails required.  Regardless, this gave Jon a bit of a break from Ian and allowed him to get a lot done.  He got all the wood cut, so that by the time we got back home (and finished lunch), he was ready for my help for assembly.  Fortunately, Ian was taking his nap so we managed to get them all built AND attached to the shed without a little monster running around.  No small miracle!

The rafters!

The rafters!

After that, we got to work attaching the wall sheathing.  This is just large (4’x8′) pieces of OSB.  VERY heavy and unwieldy.  We ended up using car jacks to help hold them in place (no way I could do that by myself!) while Jon nailed them down.  He did just enough nails to keep them in place, knowing we would go back later and finish putting the nails in.  The most important thing was getting them up first!

Ian woke up sometime after we were halfway through with the wall sheathing.  He played pretty well outside without much needed from us and even tried his hand at hammering a bit.  He was extremely excited that the shed had walls and was like his own little play house!

Ian playing with scrap wood in the shed

Ian playing with scrap wood in the shed


Jumping off OSB

Jumping off OSB

We ate some dinner, relaxed a bit, and then sent Ian off to bed.  We had a few hours of daylight left, and we managed to get all the wall sheathing up before it got too dark…granted, it still got dark (and we had to pull out our battery operated lantern!), but we got it all done- well, all except the gables!  And here’s our very dark, very blurry, end of day two photo:

Blurry and dark, but that’s the shed!


Whew!  This has certainly been an experience, to say the least, but I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with our DIY and carpentry skills thus far!  We shall see what the next days have in store…

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