DIY: Teacher Appreciation Gifts


A few weeks ago at Ian’s day care, it was Teacher Appreciation week.  Ian’s teachers are so fantastic, I knew I wanted to do something special for them… I just wasn’t sure what.  So, as usual, I turned to the internet (Pinterest, Etsy, etc) for inspiration.  There were a ton of cute things, but not much that was appropriate for us.  The “I’m a toddler and even though I have teachers, we don’t take tests or get grades” demographic.  I finally settled on a combination of things I found, and came up with this…I call it the “one smart cookie jar”.

The "One Smart Cookie Jar"

The “One Smart Cookie Jar”

Cute, right?  I love it and love how it turned out… and his teachers did, too.  So I thought I’d share it with you all, along with some instructions, so you can make your own!


{{ the supplies }}

+ mason jar
+ cupcake liner
+ colorful paper
+ scissors
+ yarn
+ pen/marker
+ tape
+ cookies


{{ the steps }}

1. First, remove the lids from the jars. Take out the metal disk from the lid, place a cupcake liner inside the lid screw ring, and replace the metal disk. Try to center the cupcake liner so it is mostly smooth. Now take the lid apart. You should have a slight indentation on the cupcake liner that roughly corresponds to the size of the lid opening (and metal disk). Cut the cupcake liner in a circle slightly large than the indentation. Place the cut circle back in the lid screw ring and test fit on the jar to make sure the liner is small enough that it doesn’t interfere with the lid closing, but large enough to cover the entire opening. Now set aside the lid. You can discard the metal disk part (or save for a future project)- you won’t need it anymore.

Lids cut

Lids cut

2. Next, take the remaining piece of the cupcake liner (the ruffled edge), and stretch it to encircle the top of the jar, sort of Ike a collar. You will want it to overlap itself a little, but not too much. When you have an acceptable overlap, cut the excess and tape the ends together (concealing the tape).

The cupcake liner "collar"

The cupcake liner “collar”

3. Now it’s time to make and attach the tags. I used colorful scrapbook paper cardstock, but you could use anything, really. I used a flower stencil to trace the shape for my tag. But, again, do whatever shape you want. Write a cute note:

Ms X,
Thanks for making me
one smart *cookie*!
~ child’s name

Punch or cut a hole in the top of the tag, thread your yarn through it, and tie it around the top of the jar. Try to hide the yarn underneath the cupcake liner collar. Add your cookies, and you’re done!!


I hope you found the tutorial clear and easy to follow. Let me know if you make one of these for your teachers. I’d also love to hear about other teacher appreciation gifts you made or bought!

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