some of my best memories are made with you


wpid-20140604_172034.jpgAs I watched Ian play with his toys tonight, I couldn’t help marveling at this little life I’d created and am helping to shape everyday. It’s a pretty awesome feeling, one heavy with love and responsibility. He was laughing and cheesing at me, and one thought struck me- most of my best memories include him:

  • when I found out I was pregnant
  • that first time l held him in my arms
  • all those baby snuggles and cuddles
  • full baby belly laughs, and toddler giggles
  • dance parties in the kitchen, living room, car, etc…
  • jumping on the bed together
  • blowing bubbles
  • screaming contests
  • making funny faces
  • BIG hugs and drooley kisses
  • playing ball outside and racing around the yard
funny faces

funny faces


More funny faces

More funny faces

I know they seem like small and insignificant moments but maybe that’s the point. Life is full of these, and this little list has filled my life with more joy than some of my biggest events. And I’d be happy if it stays that way.


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