Playing in the summer rain

Ian has recently discovered that it is a lot of fun to play outside in the rain and jump in puddles.

Since it’s been pretty hot and humid so far this spring/summer, we’ve been blessed with lots of mid afternoon showers. This means plenty of opportunities for us to run around and get a little wet. It’s a good excuse for us to play like kids again, too!




We let him go out pretty much anytime it rains… unless it’s raining a flood, and then we make him sit it out.


Do you ever get out and just play in the rain?

2 thoughts on “Playing in the summer rain

  1. that picture of him staring at the rain is adorable. He wants to run out there so bad. I always let my kids play in the rain (no lightning or thunder, just a good summer rain). The first time I encouraged it they looked like I was crazy. Now they adore it

    • Yes, the picture of him staring outside is just so pitiful! I was almost tempted to just let him go outside anyway… then I remembered it was pouring and he had just freaked out from the fat raindrops smacking him in the head. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who encourages outside play, even if (or especially if?) it is raining!

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