“All Done” and other favorites

Ian’s speech is rapidly expanding with each passing day. Where just 6 months ago we were slightly concerned about his lack of desire to speak, he is talking constantly now. Granted, not all of it is intelligible, but a good chunk of it is. It is so amazing to me that he can put together thoughts and words and actions and actually attempt to have a conversation with us! 

He has been cracking us up with the things he’s been saying recently.  Here are some of his most used words and phrases so far.

1. “All done???” This is stated/asked multiple times a day. Done with eating? Done with a bath? Want to go back inside after playing outside? All are apparently appropriate times to use this.

2. “Where’d it go???” (Can substitute other pronouns here) The best thing about this phrase is the accompanying gesture- palms up, arms outstretched, with a shoulder strug. Absolutely adorable. This is used during peekaboo; when someone leaves the room; when a toy is missing; when he kicks/throws the ball out of sight; when the pets run away…

3. “Uh oh!” This, too, is ridiculously adorable. Used when we pause, fast forward, or rewind the TV. And when something is dropped or knocked over. Coincidentally, also used when Ian decides to drop something “by accident”.

4. “Itchy!” Somehow I inadvertently taught Ian this word. He has eczema so often has itchy flare up areas, and we use itch cream and lotion to help keep it in check. But he still gets itchy, and when he does, he walks around pointing to whatever area itches and whines “itchy, itchy!” until we apply some type of cream/lotion.

5. “No.” Apparently an acceptable response to any and every question. Even when the answer is really yes. 

Do you have a new talker? What are some adorable things your little one likes to utter?

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