The shed is FINALLY done!

If you recall, a few months ago my husband and I started building a shed. We were really excited when the shed materials arrived, and we made great progress the first and second days.  Then life got in the way, and after some time we made some more awesome progress.

Then it rained. And we got busy. And, and, and. There’s always an excuse.

Well we finally FINALLY got it finished! (As long as you exclude the lattice we are planning to attach to the bottom). And I must say that I am mighty impressed.


The finished shed!

Doesn’t it look fantastic? I don’t know why we didn’t do this whole project years ago. But it’s done now and we have moved the lawn mowers into it and freed up SO MUCH space in the garage! I’m so excited and super proud of our accomplishment. It feels great to finally finish a big project…now on to the next one!

Have you finished a huge (or maybe not so huge) project recently?  What was it?

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