Disastrous Outfits

Jon and I both work full time, and so Ian is in daycare full time. There are times when I really wish he wasn’t, and I was staying home with him instead- most days I miss him terribly while I’m at work and would so much rather be going on adventures with him. And then there are times when I’m really glad he’s in daycare- he’s learning so many fun things, meeting new friends, and having to respect and listen to other adults. But that conversation is really better suited for its own post, and that’s not why I’m writing today. I only bring all this up to make the point that Ian is a daycare kid with 2 full time working parents.

So, anyway, I have an approximately 45 minute commute from the house to work. Jon has an approximately 4 minute commute. (Yeah, we planned that well!) We knew we wanted Ian to go to daycare closer to home so that his friends wouldn’t be 45 minutes away. And I didn’t want him to be in the car forever each morning and evening. So the daycare we picked is about 1 mile from Jon’s office. Which means that the husband has daycare duty- drop off and pick up- unless something comes up at work and he needs me to step in.

This is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I can leave the house early enough to beat traffic (and take a carpool!) and get an early start to the day- thus ensuring an early departure in the afternoon. Also a blessing because I don’t have to deal with the heart-wrenching teary goodbyes in the morning (which don’t really happen anymore, but whenever I dropped him off when he was under 1, it was pretty common…thankfully I didn’t have to endure that very often). But a curse because I don’t get to see him when I leave in the morning, kiss him goodbye, or tell him to have a great day. A curse because I don’t get to interact with his daycare teachers as much as I would like. And also a curse because my husband has sole responsibility for dressing the little monster….and sometimes that leads to *interesting* outfits (OK, so maybe you think curse is too strong, but maybe you should look at the pictures first…).

For instance, look at this gem from last week.


Ian came home from daycare, ran to me, gave me a hug- and I looked at his striped shirt and plaid pants and asked Jon, “Was it mismatch day at daycare today?” In typical husband fashion, he looked at me with a confused smile and slowly said, “…no…why?” And as I smirked at him and gestured at our son, he smiled sheepishly and said defensively, “what? That matches!!!” OK, sure, honey.

But I think my all time favorite mismatch outfit is this one, from when Ian was 11 months old.

Again with the stripes and plaids…I’m not quite sure why Jon thinks these things go together- maybe because they share a color? Oh, silly man.

Considering I don’t do the waking up-changing diaper-herding child-dressing child routine, I can’t complain too much about it. I should probably be happy Ian is clothed! But in all fairness, Jon normally does a good job picking out an acceptable outfit for Ian each day. It’s just every now and then when he throws in a wacky one- but at least it keeps us laughing!

What’s the strangest thing your kid has ever worn??

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