Travel the World in Books Readathon


OK, everyone…this is pretty cool, and I am extremely excited to be participating! Mom’s Small Victories, Lost in Books, and Savvy Working Girl have put on an around the world readathon to help encourage diversity and exploration/appreciation of other countries and cultures.  The point is to discover new books you may not have otherwise considered!  The readathon runs from September 1-14, and you can read all about it here:

I’m participating through my Barefoot Books business- it’s just such a great fit! We have so many globally inspired books that I just COUD NOT pass up this opportunity to skip across the world with all of you.

For the duration of the readathon, I’ll post a new book each day on my Barefoot Books facebook page and my Instagram account (@bethbfb) that highlights a different country/culture. So if you don’t already follow me there, make sure to do that so you don’t miss out! This should be a lot of fun!

So are you currently reading something from a different country than your own (author, characters, or both)? I’d love to hear all about it (Barefoot Books or not).  I’m always on the lookout for great stories! And if you need some inspiration, let my country hop on Facebook and Instagram guide you!

4 thoughts on “Travel the World in Books Readathon

  1. momssmallvictories says:

    So glad you are joining us and sharing kids books from around the world. I love that you are sharing a country a day on Facebook and Instagram. What are you reading now? I started Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and have downloaded Love in the Time of Cholera on audio.

    • Thanks! I’m excited to be participating- it’s such a neat concept! I’m currently reading The Goldfinch (yes, I know it’s not from a different country but sometimes it does feel like it) but have also downloaded Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and am really excited to start reading it!

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