Fall (and Halloween) is in the air!

Today is the first day of October, so the Halloween costume countdown is officially on.  And that means I need to get started working on Ian’s costume (and figuring out what he should be)!

His first Halloween, he was only 5 days old- so he wore a Hokie Bird fleece onesie outfit.  It was a gift.  It was adorable.  And he slept through most of Halloween.


His second Halloween, he had just turned 1, and I knew I wanted to make his costume.  I also was fairly certain I wanted him to be a monster (think “mommy’s little monster!”).  I had no pattern to go by- just an image in my head.  Since I know how I am with projects (I procrastinate, I’m slow, etc etc), I started early… at the beginning of October.  And things were going great.  Except, well, I measured poorly, so my first attempt at a costume was TOO snug.  He was like a stuffed caterpillar.  So I had to redo it.  Which, ok, no big deal (the fabric I bought was pretty cheap), except for one tiny little problem. I had broken my sewing machine. Yep, the costume was too thick, was too much for my little Brother machine to handle. And it broke.  The timing went WAY off…the thread wouldn’t pick up.  Which means no sewing.  So I took it to a sewing machine repair shop, and they took a look and told me- yep, it’s broken!  Fortunately, they could also fix it.  Unfortunately, the fix was around $80 and would take 10 days!  EEP… that meant I would get it back with just a week or so before Halloween.  I crossed my fingers, and sure enough, before 10 days had passed, I had my machine back!  And it worked!  So I got to work making costume #2.  And it was beautiful!  And perfect!  And then… and then… the machine broke AGAIN (yes, I’m a slow learner).  But at this point, it was just a few days until Halloween.  Fortunately, the majority of the sewing was finished, so I decided to just do the last bit by hand.  WHAT A PAIN.  But I got it done.  And OMG did Ian look adorable.  Maybe I’ll post a tutorial later on how exactly I made the costume, in case anyone else wants to make a monster outfit.  It’s pretty easy… as long as you don’t break your machine!  (side note- my wonderful in-laws bought me a new sewing machine for Christmas last year, and it is a beauty!  It’s wonderful, and is so smooth and works flawlessly!)


Now for his third Halloween, Ian will be just over 2 years old.  But he hasn’t expressed any great opinion on what he wants to wear (I’m not entirely sure he understands the concept anyway).  Which leaves it up to me and Jon to decide.  But that’s the problem- I can’t decide!  This is probably my last chance to inflict my will on his costume, so I don’t want to waste it!  My current prevailing idea is to have him be Mickey Mouse.  He LOVES Mickey Mouse (thank you, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), so I think he’d really like it… not to mention it would be pretty easy and super cute.  But I go back and forth on ideas every day or two.  Anyone have any suggestions???

What are your littles going to be for Halloween?  Where do you get your ideas and inspiration?

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