Things my toddler says…

Now that Ian’s talking has kicked into high gear, he has started to say some of the funniest things. I compiled a list of his frequent utterances for your enjoyment.

1. “Good job, ma!”
Yes, my son calls me “ma.” No, I don’t have a clue why. He calls my husband daddy, he calls our pets by their correct names. But I have always been ma. Thanks, kid. Putting that aside, this phrase seems to imply that I must reinforce his good behavior frequently. When he eats all his dinner, I normally say “good job, Ian!” Or when he takes a bite of food after some coaxing, “nice bite, Ian!” And when he gets up the playground steps and then down the slide all by himself, I normally congratulate him on that, too. So now the silly stink has started doing it to me. Case in point: I followed Ian down a slide, and he exclaimed proudly “Good job, ma!” He even threw in a little clap. Thanks, bud…thanks.

2. “Yucky, gross!”
This one is all me, too. When Ian would try to pick up something gross or dirty (like trash outside or whatever), I would say “No, don’t touch. That’s yucky…gross.” So now when he sees something he perceives to be nasty, his little brow furrows and he tells me, in a serious tone, “yucky, gross!”

3. “(insert name of anything here), Where are you!”
This is a favorite. Can’t find daddy? Why not call for him (“Daddy, where are you!”). Also applies to pets. And me. And even inanimate objects, such as Blankie (“Blankie! Where are you!”).

4. “I do it!”
Ah, yes…the strong, independent toddler has squirmed his way outside of my sweet little boy. It doesn’t matter what it is (throwing away trash, turning lights on or off, taking off a coat, etc)…apparently he has it handled and can do it. Don’t get me wrong, I love he is finding his independence and learning to do things for himself. But sometimes I forget and turn the light on myself…and then oh dear lord- the world ends. A toddler meltdown ensues until I turn the light off again and let him do it…

5. “I fall!”
This is used as both a prediction for the future and a statement of fact from a past event. For instance, Ian was climbing on a kitchen chair and apparently felt unsteady, so he said (in a slightly worried tone) “I fall!” To which I replied “You won’t fall if you are careful.” (This seemed to satisfy him). And then, we were playing outside and he tripped and fell. He stood up, looked at me and said “Ow. I fall down.” Yep, you sure did. Thanks for the announcement.

What are some things your little talkers say? Anything good that makes you just laugh out loud?

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