Cincinnati Moms Blog

I am so thrilled to announce that I am a brand new contributor for the Cincinnati Moms Blog! This terrific blog just launched in September, and I actually reached out to the owners (Sarah and Jesika) initially to discuss partnerships and other opportunities in my capacity as a Barefoot Books ambassador.

We met at a location extremely convenient to me and chatted about our kids, the blog, and Barefoot Books. Sarah and Jesika are such sweet, wonderful women, and I am in awe of their vision for the site. Together, we came up with some possible partnership opportunities, which I am extremely excited about! I can’t wait to get Barefoot in front of their readers- I know they’ll just love them.

During our discussion, they mentioned they had read my blog and wondered if I’d like to be a contributor to their site. I was hopping with glee (internally), and of course I contacted them shortly thereafter to accept! I learned the ground rules, submitted my bio, and tried to jump right in tossing out ideas for content.

My first post actually just went live yesterday, and I am so proud of it! I’d love it if you went and checked it out (Fall Family Traditions)!

I still cannot believe I have gotten this amazing opportunity to be in on the ground floor of such an amazing site. I am so looking forward to watching the blog grow and expand as we continue to spread the word and source great content for our readers. What an exciting time!

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