Nightnight Song

Before Ian was born, I invented a bedtime song for him.  I kind of wanted a unique “sleepy song” and didn’t really know of any good bedtime songs anyway, so I set about trying to come up with my own…something that was just for him.

I ride a carpool to and from work every day… and it’s pretty boring.  So I have a lot of empty time on my hands.  It was during one of these rides that the idea for his bedtime song struck me- a tune, actually, and the outline of some words.  I spent the next few days piecing the rest of it together, and then I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget it (not sure why I thought I’d forget it, as I had it memorized the same day, but pregnancy hormones can make you worry about weird things).

So here it is, our song:

Hush, hush- it’s time for bed
Hush, hush- lay down your head
Close your sweet eyes
And let’s say goodnight
Hush, hush- Ian, sleep tight

I’ve been singing this song to Ian every night before bedtime since we brought him home. As he got into a “real” nap schedule, I also started singing it before naps. Now that he’s older, it’s still part of our ritual… he climbs into bed with his blankies and flops onto his pillow, I cover him up and say “nightnight song?” and he says “yes!” and then I sing him his song. The really amazing thing is that just within the last month or so, he’s started singing with me.  It is so darn cute, and something about it just makes me smile. 

Ilove that we have this little thing that is just ours, and I am enjoying this ritual, even while dreading the day when he no longer wants “nightnight song”…hopefully that day won’t come for a while, but when it does, at least I’ll have these wonderful memories of singing together before bed.

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