Getting our Christmas Tree!

My husband and I have now celebrated 6 Christmases together as a married couple. Each year we have bought a live tree, carefully selected from the myriad of trees and options abundantly available each winter.  For the past four years we’ve bought our tree from a nice little nursery down the road from us.  No matter how many places we visit, we always came back to that one nursery because they always have the absolute BEST trees.  Nice shape, good price, fresh.  

This year, we decided to try something different.  We’d always thought it would fun to go to a Cut-Your-Own Christmas tree farm.  I did a half-hearted search a year or so ago online but didn’t really find anything.  Maybe I just didn’t know what I was looking for, or maybe I just was intimidated by the idea of going someplace new.  Regardless, we’ve never made it work.  This year, however, the Cincinnati Moms Blog published a list of Christmas events in the area… and included in the list was a section for Cut-Your-Own Christmas tree farms.  It was fate!  I scanned the list for a farm nearby, and one that was also open on Nov 22nd (since we were going out of town for Thanskgiving and wouldn’t be able to get our tree until Dec 6 if we waited- which doesn’t give much time to enjoy it before we head to visit family for Christmas!).  As luck would have it, there was one farm that would work, so we decided to check it out.  We reasoned that if it didn’t pan out or we couldn’t find a good tree, we could always default back to our favorite little nursery.

We pulled into the tree farm and were blown away by HOW MANY trees there were.  There were tons; the selection was pretty overwhelming.  It helped that they had the trees organized/grouped by variety so we were more easily able to focus our search, but it was still a lot to consider.  


Ian loved running through the field and darting in and out of the trees.  Trying to keep track of him while also looking for the perfect tree was a bit challenging, but we made it work. 

We finally narrowed it down to 2 trees. 


Tree #1


Tree #2

We called Ian over and asked him to pick the one he liked better.  He looked at both trees and carefully considered his options before pointing to one and exclaiming “THIS ONE!” 


Tree #2 for the win!

With Ian’s seal of approval, we flagged down an employee and got our tree claimed and cut.  The employee was a kid, maybe 11 or 12 years old (and that’s being generous), but he was friendly and chatty and had us cracking up on the inside.  He told us he was working here to save for college (admirable, but interesting!).  So I asked him how long he’d been doing this and he told us “my WHOLE life!” At which point I had to stiffle a grin and a chuckle.

After the tree was cut, we headed back down to the main house to pay for it and get Ian one of the free cookies.  It was about 50 degrees, so we decided to pass on the free hot chocolate, but it was a nice gesture!  The employees helped us load the tree onto the top of our Flex and tie it down, and then we were soon on our way.  We got home, unloaded the tree, and set it up in the stand.  We agreed to wait to decorate it until after Thanksgiving, but it was so nice to have the tree in the house and ready for us when we got back from visiting family in Delaware!


Us with our tree!


Tree decorated!

Do you get a real tree each year?  Or do you go artificial?  If you get a real tree, do you cut your own?

2 thoughts on “Getting our Christmas Tree!

  1. I LOVE real christmas trees, had one every year when I grew up. The Husband, however, is very opposed. So now we have an artificial tree. I miss the smell of a real one!

    • It’s funny, my husband always had an artificial tree growing up. We had real trees until I was much older, at which point my parents made the switch. But both my husband and I agree there’s just nothing like a real tree…and the wonderful smell!!

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