Christmas Lights

I love Christmas lights. They are just so beautiful, and they make the dark, dreary, cold nights just a bit more welcoming.

We started putting up our lights on November 30th- the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  We got back from visiting my sister and her kids on the 29th (see post), which meant we had Sunday to get the house prepped for Christmas decorations.  And, to top it off, the weather was lovely!  It was in the 50s, which is astounding. We knew we had to take advantage of that break from the cold.  So Jon climbed up on the roof and hung all the icicle lights.  By the time we finished on Sunday, the roofline was done- a MAJOR accomplishment!


Over the next few days Jon tackled the small bushes in front of our house, and then we did our porch, our large bushes (for the record- I HATE NET LIGHTS), and our deer/spotlight.  Since we broke up the decorating over about a week, it wasn’t all that overwhelming and it was done before we even knew it!  And now the house is all lit up and just beautiful. 


When did your lights go up?

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