Predicting Gender for Baby #2

I’ll soon be finding out whether I’m having a boy or a girl (assuming the little one cooperates!!).  So let’s have some fun and do some predictions. 

I looked around online for some gender predicting wives tales, and all signs point to…. either a boy or a girl!  All of my results were conflicting and there isn’t one clear winner here.

– Pregnancy Acne: Not too bad actually (unlike with Ian! OMG it was bad).  Bad pregnancy acne supposedly indicates a girl (though obviously this wasn’t true for me the first time around).  So, BOY wins this myth.
– Dry Hands: Yes, my hands have been very dry!! This is supposed to point to a boy.  So, BOY wins this myth.
– Morning Sickness: No morning sickness is supposed to mean a boy (not true, since I had it with Ian). I had morning sickness this time around, too, though it was different- and more intense. So, GIRL wins this myth.
– Myan Method: If the mother’s age at conception and the year conceived are both even or both odd, this points to a girl.  One even and one odd points to a boy.  Mine are both even, so GIRL wins this myth.
– Chinese Gender Chart: There’s a chart that looks at your chinese age at conception and the month of conception and tells you whether you’re having a boy or girl.  The chart told me boy, so BOY wins this myth.

Tallying that up, that’s 3 BOY results and 2 GIRL results.  Guess we’ll have to wait for the ultrasound since these myths certainly aren’t cutting it!

Did you try to predict the gender for your kid(s)?  Were you right?  Did you have a feeling at all or were you totally shocked?

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