Tackling Potty Training


In the middle of December, we I decided to tackle potty training. We were taking two weeks off from work for vacation and I figured this would be the perfect time to work with Ian on this since we’d be with him all day long.

Jon was slightly extremely skeptical and not at all excited to undertake this adventure. But I was tired of diapers and tired of the “passive” potty training we’d been doing so far (basically just sitting him on his little potty at night before bed/bath). Ian was very familiar with the potty, and I knew he wasn’t afraid of it or the flushing sound. So at least our passive potty training helped with something…but since he never actually went when we sat him on his potty, I felt it was time to kick things up a notch and get serious.

I’m not going to lie…it was not easy (if you have time and need a laugh, read the potty training post I wrote for Cincinnati Mom’s Blog, here). But all things considered, it could have been worse. In fact, within about 5 days, we went from a son who never used the potty to one that wore underwear and had few to no accidents.

I (we) definitely went through a roller coaster of emotions to get here, but I’m so glad we dedicated the time and made it happen. It is so nice to have a diaperless kid, and it seems that Ian prefers underwear to diapers. So that makes everything so worth it.

Want to know what exactly I did (the steps/method) and what items I used? In order to keep this from getting too long, I’ll reveal all that in some follow up posts. Check back later so you don’t miss out!

Have you gone through potty training with your kid(s)? How did it go? How did you feel during and now, after?

4 thoughts on “Tackling Potty Training

  1. We are still in the midst of it. Our daughter is pee pee trained, but has a difficult time still with the poop. When she poops, she asks for a diaper. We have been pretty laid back about training. We keep her in big girl pants except at night and for poops. She has made some headway having been brave enough to try to do the 2/in the toilet. We have had 2 successful ones in the past 2 weeks, so I think we are turning a corner. Wish us luck.

    • I was shocked that my son had so little problem with poop since I have heard that’s the tough one. We did find that he likes his privacy, though, so once we gave him that he did well with poop on the potty. But good luck- hopefully you are almost there!!

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