Read Together Tuesdays {Series}


Today’s featured book is…
“Driving My Tractor”


This has recently become a favorite book in our house. It just has so many wonderful things going for it.

1) A tractor.
My son LOVES tractors, so of course this book already entices him from the start.

2) A song.
In addition to tractors, my son loves to sing and dance. So there’s another pro for this book. Plus, the song is really adorable and the words are EASY. The included CD is just an extra bonus. It plays on a computer with an animation, but we just like to pop it into the CD player and sing along as we flip pages.


3) Farm Animals.
What kid doesn’t love animals? I mean, really. If I had a dollar for every time we sing Old McDonald (or Old McDongle, as Ian calls it), I’d be rich beyond my wildest dreams. I love that this is another farm song, with animal noises, but that it’s also decidedly different. And the animals are familiar enough that even the littlest ones will be able to recognize them and the sounds.

4) Counting and other hidden fun.
Because I always love finding opportunities to sneak in fun ways to reinforce things Ian is learning. Yes, this is a fun, colorful book. And yes, there is a cute, catchy song. But the premise behind it is that the farmer is adding animals to his tractor- and with each new animal, we get a new number. One cow, two donkeys, three pigs, four sheep, five chickens. I also like that the animals are somewhat hidden on the page, so Ian and I can have a mini scavenger hunt when a new animal is introduced. The abundance of imagery on each page is one of the many things I love about Barefoot. You can flip through the book 50 times and never even have to read the text. Our books are great for making up your own story and interacting with your child (find something green, count the pigs, what color is the cow?, etc). Yes, this can be done with other books, too, but Barefoot just makes it SO easy. The pages are just BEGGING to be explored.


5) The farming endnotes.
This is something Barefoot does in many of our stories that I just absolutely adore. There are two beautiful, colorful two-page spreads of informational endnotes about farming equipment, crops, and more.

6) There is also a matching puzzle.
How genius! We love the 2-in-a-box puzzle that accompanies this book, and Ian frequently asks to work on the puzzles together. One puzzle has 12 large pieces. The other has 24 smaller pieces. Ian likes them both but definitely has an easier time with the 12 piece puzzle. But both come in the box, and both depict different scenes from the book. Definitely fun!


The puzzle, just $14.99. Targeted for ages 3+ but my son has been enjoying this since he was 2 or so.

7) And a free finger puppet activity.
I love that Barefoot creates and provides free crafts for so many of our books. This is a nice activity that even kids too young for the puzzle can do an enjoy.  You can download the activity here.

So, if you have a kid who likes animals or farms or tractors or songs (or all of the above), I can’t recommend this book enough. This just may become a favorite in your house, too!

You can purchase “Driving My Tractor” here for just $9.99 (paperback w/enhanced CD). And if you want the puzzle, that can be found here for just $14.99.

Happy reading!!

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