{DIY} Silver Polish

I don’t really have a lot of silver in my house.  In fact, I have very, very little.  Just my good serving utensils and some of the stuff from my wedding (like my cake server and cake knife).  Since I have so little silver, I really hated the idea of having to buy a whole container of silver polish.  It seemed like such a waste.  So I put it off.  And put it off again.  I kept putting it off, mainly because I didn’t want to clean my silver, but also because I didn’t have the cleaner (and never really thought to buy it when I was at the store).

Fast forward many years, and now I’ve got my Young Living Essential Oils.  I was watching some morning show while on maternity leave and the guest said lemon juice could be used to polish silver.  What a neat idea!  I didn’t have any lemon juice, but I did have my Lemon Oil…maybe that would work just as well.

And it DID WORK!  See for yourself:


My wedding cake server…before and after polishing! Definitely is not “non-tarnish” as the sticker promised!

I was amazed.  And it was oh so easy.  Now I’m proud to have my wedding silver prominently displayed in my house.

Want to know how to do it?  It’s not hard AT ALL.  All you need is Lemon Essential Oil, a cotton ball, and a paper towel (or soft cloth).  Put a drop of Lemon EO on the cotton ball and wipe at the tarnish until it is gone.  Then buff with the paper towel or cloth.  Ta-da!  That’s it.  No hard elbow grease required- I promise!

I recently shared this “recipe” with my other oily friends in our Chemical Free Cleaning with Young Living class on Facebook.  The image from the class is below, for your convenience!  Feel free to share or pin, and definitely check out our Facebook class for other great recipes using your Young Living Essential Oils!


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