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So you found my blog and want to know what in the world it’s all about.  Let’s start with introducing the Frankenfields!

Beth (me): the wife, mother, matriarch. 100% infatuated with Ian, Hazel, and Lily (introduced below). Lover of all things DIY and crafting. Getting oily to improve my family’s wellness as an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils (http://myyl.com/BFrankenfield). Working to strike a balance between full time M-F job and family life.

Jon: the husband, father, honey do-lister. Engineer…enough said!

Ian: the son, now FIVE, starting Kindergarten fall 2018 (OMG- what?!). Artist extraordinaire- always drawing, creating, imagining. Loves to run and play outside. The best firstborn ever- we are so lucky to have him as our own.

Hazel: the middle, now THREE. Ms Independent, Ms Ornery, Ms Stubborn. Call her what you want, she does not let anyone dictate her thoughts or opinions. She is the definition of the word “spirited”, and we love her to bits.

Lily: the newest, who joined us in September 2017. She started rolling early, and scooting/crawling at 6 months, and now she always wants to be on the move. Eats like a champ, talks all the time, and loves to smile. Can’t imagine doing life without her.

Scout: Gone but not forgotten. Our spirited, crotchety, funny, aggravating, loving dog, who passed away May 2015.

Not too shabby for 13!

Igby: Also gone, but still in our hearts. This fluffy cat, Mr Snooty, battled illness his whole abbreviated life before we sadly had to say goodbye in June 2015.

This picture perfectly captures Igby’s “what do you want?” persona

Ducky: the stupid cat, Mr Fatty. Very large, and not “all there”. Loves to eat. Loves affection. Loves to love.

This picture is really all the explanation you need to understand Ducky…

Marty: The newest fluffy cat in the family.  We got him before Lily was born, and he still acts like a fool kitten all the time. But he loves our kids and tolerates being chased, held, and carried- so we’ll keep him around!

So now you’ve met us.  And this blog will pretty much be about our adventures through life- from home renovations to parenting and whatever else we have going on in our lives. I hope you stick around and get to know us! There is just so much to do, say, and learn. And I hope to get to know you, too.

Much love, Beth

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