Didn’t see that one coming!!

Wow. I took a REALLY long break from the blog. Exceptionally long. My last update about Hazel was when she was 5 months old… my baby is almost TWO now! What?!?!

Guys, I’m so sorry. But that break was so needed and soooo good for my soul. I took a new full time job, moved to a new state, decided to pour into Young Living, and I just couldn’t blog. My heart and head just didn’t have the room or the time for one more thing. I hope you can understand.

But, now I’m ready. I’ve done a lot of self-reflection lately and realized I’ve really missed this creative outlet. It feels good to have my fingers fly across the keys again and share life with you all again.

I really agonized over how to pick back up and what to write about. Giving an entire life rundown of the past 1.5 years seemed too daunting and honestly not that exciting to write. So I’m just going to pretend we are old friends who have kept tabs on each other and are ready to resume where we left off, no questions asked.

So, what’s the major event from this week? Oh, you know, just a little Spring Cleaning. Barf. I despise cleaning. I would do almost anything else instead of cleaning. But of course, it has to be done. And the universe apparently knew I had been neglecting my house. So it brought rain this past weekend. Buckets and¬†buckets of rain. And so we did all you can really do when it rains… we stayed indoors and we cleaned.

We cleaned our kitchen top to bottom (for real!), tidied the rest of the downstairs, vacuumed and mopped, cleaned our master bathroom and tidied the master bedroom, and cleaned most of the windows in the house. It was a solid two days of work, but y’all… my house looks SO MUCH BETTER. It’s no longer sad and cluttered and dirty. It’s definitely not perfect, but we are worlds away from where it was. It actually looks so good that I’ve been wanting to keep it that way, and maintain it (um what???).

It helps that I wasn’t hacking and coughing and sneezing and dying the whole time we were cleaning. Yes, when we kicked up that dust it was intense, but I didn’t have yucky cleaner smells to add on to the assault. See, we were able to use my Thieves Household Cleaner (thanks, Young Living!!!) to clean everything. Countertops, bathrooms, cabinets, appliances, mirrors, glass… you get the picture. The stuff smells amazing and it’s safe! The kids were even able to get in on the cleaning action. It was so nice to be able to give them a rag and spray bottle and let them go at it! No worries about inhaling fumes or accidentally ingesting anything. And I didn’t feel the need to wipe everything down again after we cleaned it. That definitely is a time saver!


Want to win a spray bottle of this amazing stuff? Leave a comment below (and include why you’d like to try it!), and I’ll pick a winner at random to receive a care package from me with my all time favorite cleaner. I know, I’m so nice ūüėāūüėú.

Happy Spring!!!

{Update} Commit to Get Fit


Longer ago than I care to admit, I publicly declared that I was going to buckle down and get myself back in shape and get healthier.

Yeah….that hasn’t happened yet.

I have no good reason for this. Sure, I have a lot of excuses, but none that are really worth anything. That ends today!

Today I’m starting fresh. I am committing to the following goals:
1. WATER: I WILL drink at least 64oz of water daily, infused with Essential Oils to keep it interesting and my intake up.
2. EXERCISE: I WILL participate in AND complete the new Bikini Body Mommy 6 week challenge.
3. DIET: I WILL make sure to get at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables each day. I WILL limit my snacks and unhealthy foods.
4. BALANCE: I WILL schedule and prioritize my time better so I have a balance between family, work, exercise, hobbies. Without balance, life can get overwhelming.
5. SPIRIT: I WILL make time to reconnect to church. I often let life get in the way and this area loses its priority status. That needs to stop- I feel more relaxed and together when I make time for my spiritual health.

So there you have it- my goals. I’ll be posting an update each week for the next 6 weeks. By then, hopefully I’ll have developed some healthy habits and will have some progress to show, too!!

Stay tuned and cheer me on!  And I want to hear YOUR health goals so I can cheer you on, too!

Join Me For an Essential Oils Instagram Hop!


Back in May, just two short days before my amazing daughter was born, I announced that I was organizing an Essential Oils Instagram Hop.  Well, life got busy (it does that with a new baby!), Young Living released a NEW premium starter kit, and the hop took a back burner.

I’m excited to announce that I’m getting this going again!¬† I’m looking for ELEVEN instagrammers who are interested in trying one of the “everyday oils” from the new Premium Starter Kit.

Requirements are pretty much the same:
– Must not already be a Young Living member
– Must be willing and able to test/use your oil sample before the hop deadline
– Must be willing and able to share a testimonial (NOTE: I will need to pre-approve all testimonials due to the FDA restrictions on what we can/cannot say in regards to Essential Oils!)
– Must commit to posting on the day of the hop within the designated time window

If you’re interested, please fill out this google form to claim your spot!¬† Not sure which oil you’d like to try?¬† Check out this google doc that gives a high level outline of each of the 11 oils.¬† You can also email me (beingfrankenfield@gmail.com) or message me on instagram (@beingfrankenfield) if you’d like more information!

Once I have all the participants, I’ll send out more specifics.

*Note: the main purpose of this hop is to spread awareness of essential oils and Young Living and grow my network. There will also be a sign up special for participants AND visitors interested in joining Young Living. Furthermore, there will be a small referral bonus given to hop participants for any visitor that joins Young Living as a result of seeing your instagram post.*

{DIY} Silver Polish

I don’t really have a lot of silver in my house.¬† In fact, I have very, very little.¬† Just my good serving utensils and some of the stuff from my wedding (like my cake server and cake knife).¬† Since I have so little silver, I really hated the idea of having to buy a whole container of silver polish.¬† It seemed like such a waste.¬† So I put it off.¬† And put it off again.¬† I kept putting it off, mainly because I didn’t want to clean my silver, but also because I didn’t have the cleaner (and never really thought to buy it when I was at the store).

Fast forward many years, and now I’ve got my Young Living Essential Oils.¬† I was watching some morning show while on maternity leave and the guest said lemon juice could be used to polish silver.¬† What a neat idea!¬† I didn’t have any lemon juice, but I did have my Lemon Oil…maybe that would work just as well.

And it DID WORK!  See for yourself:


My wedding cake server…before and after polishing! Definitely is not “non-tarnish” as the sticker promised!

I was amazed.¬† And it was oh so easy.¬† Now I’m proud to have my wedding silver prominently displayed in my house.

Want to know how to do it?¬† It’s not hard AT ALL.¬† All you need is Lemon Essential Oil, a cotton ball, and a paper towel (or soft cloth).¬† Put a drop of Lemon EO on the cotton ball and wipe at the tarnish until it is gone.¬† Then buff with the paper towel or cloth.¬† Ta-da!¬† That’s it.¬† No hard elbow grease required- I promise!

I recently shared this “recipe” with my other oily friends in our Chemical Free Cleaning with Young Living class on Facebook.¬† The image from the class is below, for your convenience!¬† Feel free to share or pin, and definitely check out our Facebook class for other great recipes using your Young Living Essential Oils!


Commit to get Fit


Now that I am almost two months post-pregnancy, I think it’s time to really get my act together and start getting myself healthy and fit again. I gained about 30 pounds during my pregnancy (actually not bad weight gain!), and I’ve lost around 20 of those pounds. I haven’t actively done anything to shed the weight; it just came off from birth, breastfeeding, and chasing Ian around the house. But now I’ve hit a plateau, and I really want to push myself over that edge. I was about 15 pounds over my ideal weight when I got pregnant, so I have about 25 pounds I’d like to lose. That’s not going to happen unless I actually make some changes, including incorporating exercise into my daily routine. I’m challenging myself to a 90 day commitment to improve my overall wellness and get active. And here’s how I hope to achieve this:

1) Drink 64oz of water daily
I bought myself a 16oz glass water bottle so I can always have water with me. I will also add 4 drops of Young Living Grapefruit Essential Oil to my water for the first 32oz, and 4 drops of Young Living Lime Essential Oil to my water for the second 32oz. Grapefruit Essential Oil supports healthy digestion, may act as an appetite suppressant, and may help support healthy weight loss. Lime Essential Oil supports weight management and the immune system. Both also taste great! Hopefully having these in my water will encourage me to drink more of it and hit my 64oz goal!

2) Drink 2oz Young Living NingXia Red daily
NingXia Red is an amazing antioxidant drink from Young Living that supports overall health and wellness. I love that you only need 1-2oz a day to feel the full effects of this powerful drink. I’m going to give it an extra boost by adding 1 drop of Young Living Ocotea Essential Oil every day to help curb snacking urges and preserve healthy eating habits.

3) Exercise daily
I’m terrible at motivating myself and doing exercises on my own, so I’ve decided to follow an exercise program. I picked the Bikini Body Mommy 90 day challenge. It’s free, requires very little equipment (just some dumbbells- and even those are optional), comes with videos on YouTube, and is less than 30 minutes a day. Currently the 4th challenge is underway, but I’m going to start with challenge 1.0; then I may move on to 2.0 and beyond if I like the program. I like that this will give me clear expectations and instructions on what I should be doing each day to get active.

4) Watch my diet
I’m not a dieter. It’s just not realistic to think I’ll be able to follow a diet plan. That said, I can at least be more mindful of what I’m eating. I don’t need to be snacking on chips and cookies. I also don’t need to have 3 scoops of ice cream at night- perhaps I can get by with 1.5 scoops instead. Little things that I think I can manage and stick with are going to be key for me.

So why am I putting all this here on my blog? Accountability. I need someone (outside of myself) to know that I’m challenging myself to get my rear in gear. I’ll post my progress and status as I go through this challenge, and I hope maybe some of you will join me, too! Here’s to a healthier me (or us)!

Essential Oils Instagram Hop



I am thrilled to announce that I’m organizing an Essential Oils Instagram Hop!¬† I’m sure you’ve heard of a blog hop, where a group of bloggers get together and post about a topic under a specific theme.¬† Well, an Instagram Hop is pretty similar, except it takes place on Instagram (obviously).

While I’m getting everything organized, I’m looking for TEN Instagram lovers to join me in the hop.¬† There are just a few requirements, but if you meet all of them and are interested in participating, let me know!¬† You’ll get a free sample of an oil to test out for yourself.


1) Must be curious about Essential Oils and genuinely interested in trying them out
2) Must not already be a Young Living Member
3) Must be willing and able to test your oil sample by the Instagram hop deadline
4) Must be willing and able to share a testimonial about your experience with the oil
5) Must commit to posting on the day of the hop within the Instagram hop time window

If this sounds like you, post a comment here, send me an email (beingfrankenfield@gmail.com) or send me a message on Instagram (@beingfrankenfield) to let me know you want to be part of the hop!¬† After ensuring they meet the requirements, participants will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis.¬† To ensure you get a spot in the hop, don’t wait- contact me today!

Welcome May!

Ahhhh, May. I love this time of year- flowers are blooming, the weather is getting nicer, it’s staying lighter outside longer.

It’s also BABY MONTH! Baby girl will be making her arrival any time now (she’s due May 9th, but who knows when she’ll actually deign to grace us with her presence). Today’s my last day AT WORK (I’ll be working from home starting Monday until she arrives), which is a huge relief, and now we are just finalizing things to prepare for her arrival (washing the carseat cover, installing the carseat bases in the cars, packing hospital bags, etc).

May also marks just about two months into my oiling journey.

I have really enjoyed using my premium starter kit, and I’ve found that I’m even running low on some of my oils (and I think I’m completely out of Tea Tree!), which is a testament to the fact that I’m actually using them and incorporating them into my daily routine.

I’ve been playing around with different combinations in Ian’s diffuser at night (to help with sleep and his cough– since that’s really my BIGGEST issue at the moment), and I’ve found that my favorite (so far) is Thieves, Purification, and Valor. It curbs his cough and helps him sleep more restfully. Sometimes I’ll add a drop or two of Lavender, but I usually find that it’s really not necessary. Having that diffuser and these oils going at night has brought such relief!

I also recently ran out of body butter (NOT good- especially if you are a pregnant lady with an itchy belly!), but thanks to my oils I was able to whip up a new batch, which I actually like better than the store bought one I was using previously.


I whipped coconut oil and then mixed in Lavender, Frankincense, and Gentle Baby. It goes on really smoothly and isn’t greasy, which I love! And it keeps me non-itchy all day.

Now that I’ve had time to really get to know my oils, I get excited when I’m able to share them and my experiences with others. Oils are just part of my life now, so it’s so natural and fun to talk about them!

I also love the learning and education component. I get so much out of all the classes I attend that I want to give back and start holding classes for others who are interested/skeptical/curious/etc about Young Living and Essential Oils. If this sounds like you, and you’d like to learn more, let me run a class for you on Facebook!! For the month of May, I’m offering my hosts some oily goodies that will help expand their exposure to oils.

You have nothing to lose but so much to gain! Send me an email, connect with me on facebook/instagram/twitter, or add a comment here to get your class scheduled!

Essential Oils 101 Facebook Class Recap

On Sunday night I hosted an Essential Oils 101 class on Facebook and talked about the 10 Every Day Oils from Young Living (as well as some safety and other information about Essential Oils). The turnout for the class was great and there was some fantastic discussion! I had such a blast, and I even learned some stuff which is so neat.

Here’s a peek at the 10 oils we discussed:¬†YLEO-collage1 YLEO-collage2 YLEO-collage3

We also talked about Thieves Cleaner and Ningxia Red. NingXia-Red-Healthier-Oil-the-Thyme Thieves Cleaner - Healthier Oil the Thyme

We wrapped the class with some prizes (yay!) and information about getting your own oils- either through being a customer (and buying some oils through a Young Living member) or through buying the Premium Starter Kit and becoming a Young Living Member.

07 Order Young Living PSK with Chemical Free Home

Are you interested in learning more about Young Living and Essential Oils? Would you like to host your own Essential Oils 101 Class on Facebook? Contact me to find out how!

The ideas in this post are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.  If you are interested learning more about Young Living Essential Oils or would like to purchase individual oils, the kit, or start your own Young Living business, please check out my team’s website Healthier Oil the Thyme, send an email to healthieroilthethyme@gmail.com, or email me directly (beingfrankenfield@gmail.com).  I love that my mentors and friends in this business always focus on education over sales, and we are always willing and happy to help others learn more about Young Living and Essential Oils!

Essential Oils 101

As you all have seen, I have been having a lot of fun trying out my Young Living Essential Oils and seeing the benefits they bring me and my family.  Thanks for following along as I share my experiences!  I can’t wait to dive even deeper into the oils in my kit and the oily world in general.

Have my posts to date piqued your interest? Are you starting to get curious about Young Living and Essential Oils? Want to learn more?

If so, I have good news!  I am having an “Essential Oils 101” class on Facebook at 8:30PM (Eastern) Sunday night (4/19).


This is an education and information event about Young Living and Essential Oils. There will be giveaways and a chance to buy oils and/or the starter kit, but the main focus is on learning. If you’ve ever been curious about EOs or Young Living, I’d love for you to to pop by and check it out.  Here’s a link to the event page:

Hope to see some of you there!  Oiling is always more fun with friends, so let’s get oily together!

Another Oily Update

It’s been about two weeks since my last post about my experience so far with my Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit (PSK). I’ve actually been able to try out almost all of the oils from my kit, and so far I’m pretty pleased.¬† I’m still diffusing in Ian’s room at night, though I’ve changed the formula again (yes, I know- this is the third time) to 4 drops Thieves,¬†3 drops Purification, 2 drops Lavender (in about 300-400mL of water).¬† This seems to be the most successful combination to date- Ian has slept soundly ALL night since I’ve started this combination, so I’ll take it!

The two oils I’m really loving right now for myself, though, are Lemon and Peppermint!

With this pregnancy, I have been getting some pretty annoying heartburn.¬† Given that I’ve never experienced this in my life (until now), it’s not something I was prepared to handle.¬† When my heartburn gets really bad, I turn to my trusty Pepcid AC, and that normally knocks it right out.¬† But sometimes I don’t really need the Pepcid… my heartburn is more mild.¬† Annoying and uncomfortable, sure, but not full blown acid attacks that feel as if my chest is on fire.¬† Enter my new heartburn relief rub- my new favorite remedy for these scenarios.


Anytime I feel heartburn coming on, I rub¬†a dab of this mixture¬†onto my chest and it keeps my heartburn at bay (I MUCH prefer this to having to choke down a chalky, nasty chew… plus, it smells good!).¬† I decided not to whip the coconut oil first, though you could certainly do that if you wanted the balm to have a creamy consistency.¬† Or you could use fractionated coconut oil (or some other liquid oil) and put the mixture in a roller bottle for even easier application.

Have you tried Lemon and/or Peppermint?  What are your favorite uses for these oils?

The ideas in this post are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.¬† If you are interested learning more about Young Living Essential Oils or would like to purchase individual oils, the kit, or start your own Young Living business, please check out my team’s website Healthier Oil the Thyme, send an email to healthieroilthethyme@gmail.com, or email me directly (beingfrankenfield@gmail.com).¬† I love that my mentors and friends in this business always focus on education over sales, and we are always willing and happy to help others learn more about Young Living and Essential Oils!