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Welcome to the little corner of my blog dedicated to my adventures with Young Living Essential Oils!

Anyone who follows my blog has surely noticed that I have recently ventured into the world of Young Living and Essential Oils.  It was a slow start for me into oiling, but now I am picking up steam!!  Ever since buying my Premium Starter Kit, I’ve found so many uses for my oils every day, and it’s hard NOT to share.

So maybe you have some questions about Essential Oils?  Or about Young Living?  I’ve compiled a list of common questions to get you started, but if you have questions I haven’t addressed or you would like additional information, please e-mail me! I’d love to hear from you!


Why did you choose Young Living Essential Oils?

I first heard of Young Living Essential Oils through friends that used them. I was curious, but definitely skeptical. But everyone was really having great results and seeing a positive impact to their lives, and my curiosity finally got the best of me.  I reached out to my friend Dory and tried to find out what these oils were all about.  She was so generous with her knowledge and information- and she invited me to some classes to learn more.  During one of those classes, I won a prize which gave me the ability to get a bottle of oil at the wholesale price.  Awesome!  So I grabbed a bottle of Lavender and started experimenting with it.  I also ended up getting a bottle of Thieves to see how that might help us in our everyday lives.

As I started to do some research on Young Living and Essential Oils in general, I found there are a ton of companies out there; however, what drew me to Young Living was their Seed to Seal promise. I love that the oils are tested before being bottled for sale, and I feel like because of the quality controls in place I am delivered a phenomenal product.

Below are some common questions I’ve been asked, and my answers.  Enjoy!  And if you have additional questions, contact me!

What is your favorite oil?

This is a tough one because there are so many great oils!  I think probably Lavender is my favorite because it is just SO versatile.  I also really like the scent (which is funny because initially I did NOT- it’s quite strong and not really what I’ve come to know as lavender).

What is your favorite non-oil?

This has to be my NingXia Red!  I love this antioxidant drink and the boost it gives me to power through my day.  I especially love that you only need 1-2 oz PER DAY to reap the benefits.  That means that one bottle goes a long way!

Why should I get a Premium Starter Kit anyway?

Because of the incredible value and the amazing wholesale discount!  The premium starter kit gives you over $300 worth of products for just $160.  If you are interested in 2 or more oils, it really makes sense to just get the kit.  The diffuser alone is worth it!

So, what actually comes in this Premium Starter Kit?

♥ Ten Oils (5 mL bottles of the following: Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Raven, PanAway, Thieves, Citrus Fresh, Copaiba, and DiGize)

♥ Diffuser

♥ Bonus Oil: Stress Away, 5 mL bottle

♥ Samples and empty sample bottles to use or share

♥ AromaGlide Roller Fitment (turns your essential oil bottle into a roll on)

♥ Reference Materials and Product Information

How do I get my own Premium Starter Kit?

That’s easy! Just click here and follow the steps to select your Premium Starter Kit (be sure to sign up as a Member, not a Retail Customer), or e-mail me ( and I’ll help to walk you through the process!

If I sign up for a Premium Starter Kit, does that mean that I have to sell oils?

Absolutely not! You will never be pressured to sell anything to anyone. You simply get the benefit of a 24% wholesale member discount! However to keep that discount, you will have to spend $50 over the course of the year, but that’s it! No fees, no monthly purchase requirements, no selling. Unless you want to…that decision is yours to make and change as you see fit.

I’m interested, but it seems overwhelming and I don’t know if I’m ready for the kit…

That’s okay! Getting started with essential oils is something that you should feel 100% good with. Join an online virtual class (or ask me about hosting a class in person, if you live in the greater-Richmond area) to learn more about the oils, do research on your own, and talk to friends.  You never know in your circle might already be oiling!  And of course, do not be shy about asking questions!  I’d also be happy to send you a sample to ease your nerves and let you see exactly what life with oils is all about!  And you can check out my Young Living website: for more information about our oils, products, and amazing company!

If you want more than just a sample, I do a monthly order and would gladly add an oil or two to my order for you.  I always offer new oilers their first bottle at my wholesale discount (24% off) and a second bottle at 10% off.  But if you’re looking at three or more bottles of oil, the Premium Starter Kit is really the way to go.  I’m sure at $160 it seems like a lot of money, and it’s definitely an investment, but you get SO MUCH out of it.  The diffuser alone might just become your new favorite thing (I know I love it!).

There is a LOT to learn about Essential Oils and Young Living, and one of the things I’ve most enjoyed has been having the opportunity to participate in (and TEACH!) classes about oils.  I always learn something new- even if I’m the one teaching- and I love the educational atmosphere that my greater oily community has built and encouraged.

Want to host your own class?  Contact me to find out how!

Do you have other questions? Check out our Facebook pages, Oily enJoyMint or One Breath At A Thyme, our One Breath At A Thyme team website, or send me an e-mail (!

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