Let’s build a shed… how hard can it be?

My husband and I have decided to build a shed in our backyard!  We’ve been talking about building/buying a shed for close to three years now.  Yes, THREE.  Every year we complain about the lack of space in the garage- due to his car hobby (fixing/rebuilding cars) and our ever growing pile of tools and lawn/garden supplies.  But every year we come up with good (and even not-so-good) excuses to not take the plunge.

Finally, after the winter-that-would-NEVER-end and my constant complaining about having to scrape ice off my car and walk through snow, we have decided it is time to stop talking about getting a shed and actually just get a shed.  We had done price comparing over the past three years and knew that we’d pretty much have to build it ourselves if we didn’t want to spend a fortune.  We have some home remodel/improvement experience under our belt from our previous projects (kitchen, floors, etc… I’ll talk about those in posts later), so we feel reasonably confident that building a shed just can’t  be all that hard…

After exhaustive searching and comparing, we decided to buy a DIY shed kit from 84 Lumber.  They provide all the materials and the plans- you provide the muscle and the money.  Jon ordered the kit, and now we just have to wait for it to be delivered! So exciting 🙂

Stick around because I’ll be posting progress updates, and I know you won’t want to miss that 😉