A long trip, fun with family, and a wonderful wedding

This past weekend was a whirlwind, but man was it fun! My oldest brother got married on Sunday, so we treked back to Virginia to celebrate with him and his bride (and to see family). A whole post about that adventure would be just way too long, so here are 5 things about our trip.

1. Driving at night is tiring but so much nicer when you have a toddler!
We left our house at 5pm, stopped around 6pm for dinner, got back on the road by 7pm, and (after stopping once for fuel) finally arrived at my in-laws at 3:30am. We were beat but Ian was able to sleep through most of the trip and passed right back out as soon as we got him into the bed. It was lovely not having to stop multiple times or attempt to keep him happy and occupied the whole journey.


2. “The Wheels on the Bus” is a fine song…but is best in moderation
This is Ian’s new favorite song, so we sang it a million times this weekend. Most of those times were while we were in the car…because what else is there to do when you’re stuck in a seat but sing a children’s song? The only plus is that he is so incredibly cute when he sings along and does the hand motions.

3. A ball is really the only toy you need
We knew we didn’t want to bring a bunch of Ian’s toys with us this trip because we didn’t want the hassle and didn’t want to forget or lose them. I was a little hesitant to do this because we normally take a horde of toys and I wasn’t sure how Ian would react to not having them. But we found that as long as he had a ball, he was happy as a clam.


4. Weddings are a different kind of fun with a toddler in tow
Before Ian was born, we had a lot of friends getting married and went to a fair amount of weddings. They were a blast. An opportunity to get a little silly, reminisce with friends, and stay up really late. After Ian was born, we still had friends getting married. So we were attending as new-ish parents (he was 7 or 8 months for his first wedding). This was a different kind of fun and it took some adjusting. Instead of getting too crazy, we were showing off our son to our friends and worrying over whether he would interrupt the ceremony or have a meltdown during the reception (fortunately we were blessed with a pretty amiable baby, so we normally worried needlessly). With a fully mobile, excitable, little person on our hands, this wedding was yet again a new experience. We spent a lot of time dancing to the music and sampling the food (and desserts!). We had a lovely time, even if it was somewhat exhausting!

5. Making time to visit family is so important
Living 10 hours away from family, it can be hard to justify the time, expense, etc involved in making the trip. But it is always SO worth it. Seeing Ian interact with his grandparents, aunts, and uncles is the best. And of course I love getting to connect in person with our families. It’s always a little sad on the day we head home, but we truly cherish these moments and memories.