Two Year Checkup

So I’m a little late on this, but my boy did GREAT at his two year checkup appointment a few weeks ago. The doctor even remarked that it was one of the easiest two year appointments she’s had.  Talk about a way to make a mom’s heart swell with pride. 

It was even better because he didn’t get any shots- just the flu mist (which I was a bit apprehensive about but figured we’d do it anyway) and a finger prick for an anemia check.  He took both remarkably well. 

He was a little weary of the flu mist (not that I can blame him- not sure I’d like having liquid shot up my nose, either), but overall took it fine. He even did find on the finger prick… until the nurse tried to apply the bandaid. Then you would have thought she cut off his arm. He shrieked and cried and wailed and made quite the fuss. When we finally got the bandaid applied, he walked around like he was missing his hand.  He wouldn’t pick up anything with that hand, and he held it out to his side awkwardly. And every single thing he tried to do resulted in a very pathetic sounding “…hellllp” whether it involved that hand/finger or not.  It was actually pretty comical (if not a little annoying), and I wish I had gotten his antics on video.

Does anyone else’s kid react that way to a bandaid on the finger? Or is it just mine?

Anyway.. here are the stats from his appointment:

This puts him in the 70th percentile for height and 30th for weight!  Good growing, little boy!  But, you know, you can stop now…

A 21 Month Checkup

Ian went to the doctor for his 21 month checkup this weekend. He did really well! His 18 month appointment was fraught with toddler angst (yes, it’s a thing). He didn’t trust the doctor;  he didn’t like the nurse; he just didn’t want to be there. Period.

But this time around, once he got past his initial trepidation, he was great. So here are his stats:
Weight- 25 lbs (25th percentile)
Height- 34 in (70th percentile)

He’s still our stretch string bean!

During this checkup they also did a brief autisum questionnare/screening, and he passed…no indicators of autism.  It’s basically a list of questions with yes/no answers and you self evaluate your child.  I have no doubt that our results are correct (he hasn’t given us any indicator at home that would make me question it), but I wonder how well these self screenings really work.  I wonder if as parents we tend to overestimate (or maybe even overstress?) and see things that are or aren’t there?  I’m sure there’s been some type of study or analysis done on this, but it is something that popped into my mind as we were filling it out.

Anyway, after all that, there was a quick developmental screening.  Basically, they interacted with Ian and asked him to perform various tasks so they could make sure he was on track.  And he did great!  He even surprised us with some of the things he was able to do. For instance, they gave him a baby doll and a toy bottle and asked him to feed the baby. Jon and I looked at each other skeptically, but Ian didn’t even hesitate He put that bottle right up to the baby’s mouth- who knew he could do that!?  Another one of the tasks was throwing and kicking a ball. I think he took the nurse off guard with his throwing skills because he about knocked her out with the tennis ball.  She laughed, but I don’t know that she was really all that amused…

Afterwards he had to get one shot. He laid down fine and watched the nurse put on her gloves, no problem.  But then she pulled out the needle and stuck him, and he was (understandably) NOT happy.  And you know it is going to happen- the cry, scream, freakout, whatever- but it doesn’t make it any easier to watch.  Or to handle.  He was writhing pretty well when she was trying to apply the bandaid- that also took her back a bit (“Wow! He is really strong! Dad, I need some help here- hold him still”). Even with the three of us holding him as still as possible, she still had a miserable time getting the bandaid on and eventually just gave up. Then I scooped him up and gave him a hug and a kiss… and he was over it.  As quickly as it came on, it was done.  He had recovered enough to even tell the nurse “bye bye!” as she left the room.  Wish I still bounced back that quickly!

After checking out and getting the coveted doctor office sticker (this time he picked out a train sticker), we headed home.  One more successful pediatrician visit behind us…a million more to go.  But I’ll worry about that in 3 months (or the next time he gets sick). For now we’re just happy our boy is healthy and doing well: a parents dream.