The emergence of mine

Ian has added a new word to his vocabulary recently. It’s that dreaded four-letter word. That ugly, mean, hateful “m” word…mine!

I’m suspecting he learned it from a kid at day care. Though I suppose he could have picked it up from us. I don’t consciously remember saying it to him (we normally say “don’t play with the phone, it’s mommy’s” instead of “don’t play with this; it’s mine”), but do we really remember the exact words we say every day? Unless you’re Sheldon, probably not.

At any rate, “MINE!” has been added to the list of words Ian knows and can annunciate clearly. Since he’s been such a slow talker to this point (loves to sign, only sometimes tries to talk), we are trying to figure out how to discourage use of the word when it’s inappropriate (seriously, kid? The TV remote is not yours) without squashing his desire for speech.

We’ve only beem moderately successful so far.  But to be perfectly honest we’re not trying that hard; it doesn’t help that it is SO adorably cute when he says it…. It’s hard enough to not laugh, let alone compose ourselves enough to correct him!  I mean, how do you reprimand a face like this???


Kids are such buggers!

What does your little monster say or do that you know you should do something about, but find yourself struggling not to laugh instead?? Tell me I’m not alone here 🙂