An Oily Mail Day!

At the beginning of March I mentioned that I decided to venture into the world of Essential Oils and join Young Living as a Distributor.

Well, my Premium Starter Kit finally arrived!!


I am still trying everything out and familiarizing myself with the various oils, but so far I’m loving everything!  And I’m really enjoying researching various oils and how they can help my family.  My favorite reference source (besides my other “oilers”) is the Reference Guide app I have on my phone (which I got for free from my team, Healthier Oil the Thyme).  It’s awesome!

I’ve only had the chance to work with my oils for a few days, so I want to wait a little before sharing any feedback about the oils and how I’ve been using everything, but one thing I have learned… a LITTLE bit of oil goes a LONG way.  The bottles look tiny, and you find yourself thinking that there is no way that one tiny drop of oil will really make a bit of difference- but oh my!  As my husband remarked when I opened a bottle “wow, that’s strong!”… yes, before I had even poured a drop, we could smell the oil.  So I’ve learned to start with just 1 or 2 drops and then add more if necessary.  Definitely a good lesson!

I can’t wait to share with all of you some of the ways I’m using my oils and what results I’ve seen.  It’s definitely going to be a fun adventure!

Adventures with Oils

On Feb 17, I participated in a Young Living Essential Oils Blog Hop, hosted by my good friend Dory Doyle from the Doyle Dispatch. It was a really neat event that allowed people to learn more about Essential Oils and Young Living. I’m so glad that I decided to participate!

After reading through many of the blog posts, and weighing my own experiences with Essential Oils, I finally decided this weekend to take the plunge and order my Young Living Premium Starter Kit. I like the wide range of oils provided in the kit, and I’m really excited to try out the diffuser. I’m also pumped about the reference materials and information that will be readily available to me now that I’m a Young Living Member/Distributor.

I’m excited to use my oils to supplement my normal routine and improve my family’s overall wellness.  For instance, I’m going to start rolling Thieves Oil on the soles of my feet (and Ian’s, too) each day to support our immune system.  I’m also excited to use Purification to help rid our home of our pet odors and take care of some stinky feet (and shoes).  I also know there are oils (like peppermint) that help with the respiratory system, which would be a big boon for us.

I’m also excited to try out the diffuser that comes in the kit. Since we are a pet family, our house always seems to have a slight undercurrent of dog smell. We’ve started using our candle warmers a lot more lately, and while I love the scent it brings our house, it’d be nice to have something that actually dispels the odor versus just covering it up. Hopefully diffusing Purification occasionally will help with that. I’m excited to also try diffusing in Ian’s room at night.  And once this baby gets here, I’ll probably even diffuse lavender or peace and calming in her room at night to help encourage restful sleep. There are so many possibilities! And I love that.

I’ll be posting about my exploits with my oils here periodically. I’m sure there are others of you who are intrigued about oils, and I’d love to share what I’m learning and finding! I’ve also started a Pinterest Board to keep track of the various recipes and ways I’m planning to use the oils to help me keep track of things better… have any recipes that you love? Send them my way; I’d love to see them and test them out.

And, if you have any questions about Young Living or essential oils, let me know! I’m brand new and still learning, but I have a ton of resources at my disposal!