{Update} Commit to Get Fit – Week 2


One more week is over, so it’s time for another Commit to Get Fit update. How have I done?? Let’s see!

Goal: 64oz of water daily
Actual: I did terrible this week. I only averaged about 22oz daily. My highest single day consumption was just 40oz. Definitely need to improve here.

Goal: Participate in AND complete the new Bikini Body Mommy 6 week challenge.
Actual: SUCCESS! I did all 6 exercises this week!

Goal: At least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables each day and limit my snacks and unhealthy foods.
Actual: Better, but not enough. Still didn’t get my 5 servings of fruit and veggies each day.

Goal: Schedule and prioritize my time better.
Actual: I think I did fairly well with this. Of course, I can always improve, but I felt like I had plenty of time for family, exercise, and hobbies this week.

Goal: Reconnect to church.
Actual: Fail…again. Going to do my best to make this happen this week.

I have lost 0 pounds this week. 25lbs to go until I hit my goal weight.

Are you doing anything to improve your fitness? Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual- they all count! Let me know how you’re doing on your journey so we can root for each other!

{Update} Commit to Get Fit


Longer ago than I care to admit, I publicly declared that I was going to buckle down and get myself back in shape and get healthier.

Yeah….that hasn’t happened yet.

I have no good reason for this. Sure, I have a lot of excuses, but none that are really worth anything. That ends today!

Today I’m starting fresh. I am committing to the following goals:
1. WATER: I WILL drink at least 64oz of water daily, infused with Essential Oils to keep it interesting and my intake up.
2. EXERCISE: I WILL participate in AND complete the new Bikini Body Mommy 6 week challenge.
3. DIET: I WILL make sure to get at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables each day. I WILL limit my snacks and unhealthy foods.
4. BALANCE: I WILL schedule and prioritize my time better so I have a balance between family, work, exercise, hobbies. Without balance, life can get overwhelming.
5. SPIRIT: I WILL make time to reconnect to church. I often let life get in the way and this area loses its priority status. That needs to stop- I feel more relaxed and together when I make time for my spiritual health.

So there you have it- my goals. I’ll be posting an update each week for the next 6 weeks. By then, hopefully I’ll have developed some healthy habits and will have some progress to show, too!!

Stay tuned and cheer me on!  And I want to hear YOUR health goals so I can cheer you on, too!