37 Weeks…WHAT?!

So I am officially 37 weeks along.  This little girl could literally make her appearance any day now (though I’m kind of hoping she hangs out a bit longer).

Her room is all set up and ready for her (minus her “name art”, which I’m planning to finish in the next few days- it’s almost done, I PROMISE!).  We have clothes and burp cloths and bottles and a car seat and everything else we could need to get her settled in at home.

The only thing that’s weighing on my mind still is… Ian.  Not concern over how he’ll react; I’m sure he’ll be fine.  But what to actually DO with the toddler monster when this baby girl decides she’s ready to get the show started.  With no family nearby (10 hour drive), no regular babysitter (seriously, we have never used a babysitter before), and our close friends/coworkers (who I’m sure would be more than happy to watch Ian) being 45 minutes in the WRONG direction, I’m starting to get just a tad nervous about the uncertainty of this whole birth thing.  So, I’ve been soliciting babysitter recommendations and looking up drop in daycare and even debated looking into care.com to find a reliable on-call nanny.  I’m sure we’ll figure SOMETHING out, but since I don’t have a plan in place just yet, I’m really not too anxious for this baby to get here before May 9…

Here’s a recap of my pregnancy experience/feelings over the last few weeks:
– Still getting occassional heartburn, though my Pepcid AC and my diy Young Living Essential Oil rub (which I shared in this previous post) have both been saving my bacon!
– Having issues sleeping at night… getting comfortable seems to be the main problem.  Normally, once I’m asleep, I’m good- it’s just getting to sleep that is tricky.  Again, my Young Living Lavender Oil seems to be helping with this…when I don’t apply a drop to my wrists and inhale before bed, I really notice a difference.
– I feel like I live in the bathroom.  Seriously, this kid must be snuggling up close with my bladder. No real remedy for that other than to continue to make bathroom trips…
– Lower back pain comes and goes.  Sometimes my back is fine, other times it feels like I need to be stretched and massaged and pulled to get my back to feel better.  I’ve been rubbing some of my Young Living Joy Oil on my lower back, though I’m not sure if that’s really made a huge difference.  I also mixed up an ache oil with Young Living PanAway and Valor oil, but I haven’t had a chance to really use that yet.  So, in the meantime, I’m just dealing.

Other than that, this baby girl is still kicking and moving like crazy, and I continue to feel as if I’m growing exponentially.  But considering all the problems I could be experiencing, I’m counting my blessings and am very thankful that (on the whole) this has been another easy pregnancy.  And, in 3-ish weeks it will all be over (which is surprisingly bittersweet), so there’s always that to keep things in perspective.  Oh gosh, we are excited, anxious, nervous….we’ll be seeing you soon, baby girl!

Baby Makes Four!


I am so excited to announce that our family of three is growing to FOUR!  Yes, that’s right!  My husband and I are expecting, and our little bundle of joy should be making his/her arrival in May 2015.  We are both thrilled and excited- if not a little apprehensive about the changes to come.

We have told Ian, of course, that a new baby is coming and that he is going to be a big brother.  I don’t think he gets it.  But that’s ok- he’s only two.  I’m hoping that as I get further along and he gets a little older he’ll start to grasp the concept. And I hope he gets excited about it.  I loved growing up with siblings, and I can’t wait to see how their relationship will develop and turn out.

So far, this pregnancy has been pretty easy, and in some ways it’s been similar to my first.  But in others it’s been VERY different.

1) Morning Sickness
I had this with both pregancies for basically the entire first trimester (starting even before I had a positive pregnancy test).  With Ian, I just had a constant feeling of nausea- that unsettled stomach feeling that’s similar to motion sickness.  With this baby, I would go a few hours feeling fine and then BAM! Out of nowhere, I would suddenly feel ill.  Fortunately, I never vomited with either pregnancy… but that doesn’t make the feeling any easier to handle.

2) Showing
I didn’t show with Ian until I was 20 or so weeks along.  I mean, if you KNEW I was pregnant, you could probably tell earlier.  And if I wore a skin tight shirt or something you could tell something was amiss (but it mostly just looked like I needed to do some sit-ups).  But I was wearing regular clothes through my 20th week, including regular jeans.  Not true with this pregnancy.  I started showing by 8 weeks.  Not horribly obvious- probably about the same amount of obvious that I showed from weeks 14-20 in my first pregnancy.  And now, at 18 weeks, it’s pretty obvious that I’m pregnant.  I’ve been in pregnancy pants since about week 12, and pregnancy tops for about 2 or 3 weeks.  It’s insane how much different this is!

3) Cravings
I really didn’t have any cravings with Ian.  The only thing I could potentially put into this category is that there were times when all I really wanted to eat were hamburgers.  Jon would ask me what I wanted to eat for dinner, and I’d inevitably say that I could really use a burger.  I haven’t really had any cravings this pregnancy, either.  But I also haven’t been wanting hamburgers… this time around, it’s nachos.  If we are going out to eat someplace that has nachos, I’ll more than likely order them.  I don’t really count these as cravings because they aren’t things I MUST have- just things that sound good and I’d prefer to eat.

4) Overall feeling
With Ian, I never felt overly sick or tired or swollen or anything.  So far, that’s held true for this pregnancy, too (with the exception of some mild heartburn that recently made its appearance).  But I’m still less than half-way through, so we’ll see if this continues!

For those of you with mutliple pregnancies- did you find they were very different, or pretty similar?