Busy, busy, busy!

I cannot believe it has really been over a week since I last wrote! Obviously that is indicative of the fact that life has been extremely busy lately.

But, it’s Friday! Hooray! So let’s try one of those Five for Friday things. I will pick 5 things that have happened since last week and share a bit about each. Just a little peek at what’s been keeping us so busy…

1. Ian had his 3rd week of soccer- and did great!
The first week of soccer, Ian was scoping things out and still trying to determine what exactly was happening. The second week was a little better, but this third week was fantastic! He followed almost all the directions and really seemed to grasp what he was supposed to be doing. It was definitely neat to watch.

2. Both my boys FINALLY got haircuts!
Jon’s hair has been getting longer and longer…kind of out of control, actually. And Ian’s hair has been encroaching on his face for a while now. It had gotten to the point where he was pushing it out of his eyes/off his face constantly. The haircuts went pretty smoothly (Ian freaked out right at the end because he had convinced himself that the smock was choking him…. Dramatic much?). And a dum-dum makes everything better. So I consider the event a success!

3. I got all registered for my fall/holiday vendor events!
With the holiday season coming up, there are all sorts of holiday fairs and festivals and shopping events. This is a great chance to get my Barefoot Books to the community, so I picked a few each month (Oct, Nov, and Dec) and got my registrations turned in. I’m excited!

4. I nearly got lost in Cincinnati but managed to find my way out!
For one of said vendor events on #3, I had to drop off a donation for the event’s raffle. The organizer lives fairly far southwest of me (and to the west of Cincinnati). So it was a 30 minute trek to her house. Not unreasonable or unmanageable, but still a trip. Getting there was pretty easy. I looked up directions before I left, and they were pretty straight forward. Unfortunately, one-way streets and I do not get along…so getting home was a different story. My phone decided that GPS was overrated, so I had no help there. Instead, I drove in the general direction I believed I should be going and hoped for the best. After a few minutes of guesses, I saw the shining beacon of the Cincinnati skyline and knew I was almost home free! I was pretty proud of myself for finding my way without the use of any navigational aids! But I don’t have any desire to do that again…

5. I met some lovely ladies from the Cincinnati Mom’s Blog!
The Cincinnati Mom’s Blog is brand new, and I reached out to them to talk about advertising and getting Barefoot Books in front of their audience. The 2 organizers (who are area moms) agreed to meet with me and chat, and we were able to make that happen this week! We tossed around some ideas, and I think this will turn into a beautiful partnership! It is so wonderful to be making these types of connections in the community- something I probably wouldn’t have done without blogging or Barefoot Books.

So there you have it! What stuff did YOU do this past week?