Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!

I’m sure you’ve noticed I have been a bit absent lately.  That’s because our amazing little girl decided to arrive on the 15th at 9am! 


She weighed 8 lb 3 oz, and measured 21.75 inches long. About the same length as her brother, but 6 ounces lighter (I wasn’t expecting that…I thought for sure she’d weigh more than Ian)! She has a perfect button nose and round face, and we are completely smitten.




Welcome, Hazel Rose, we are so blessed to have you in our lives!!

Moving on Up

Ian is now officially out of the nursery and in his new “big boy” room. We started the switch about three weeks ago, after his new twin bed arrived. The bed only took a few hours to put together (mainly, this was due to some issues with a few of the pieces), and I love how it looks. It’s a deep, dark wood with a bookcase headboard and under-bed drawers. We let him pick out the sheets for the bed (he chose sheets from Disney’s Planes), and then that first night we asked him if he wanted to sleep in his old bed (the crib-now-toddler-bed) or his new bed. He chose his new bed, but after we tucked him in, he changed his mind and moved to his old bed. But the next night, he chose his new bed and he’s been sleeping there ever since!


We’ve slowly moved all of his stuff out of the nursery- his name art, his sound machine, his books, his stuffed animals, etc. We also added a toy organizer to his new room and started filling it with some of his toys from the living room and elsewhere in the house. He loves having toys in his room (the nursery was so small that he really didn’t have any toys in it), and often he’ll wander over to the toy organizer and start playing.

The room still needs a dresser… and some additional decorations, but it’s coming along nicely. I’m planning to do an airplane theme since he loves airplanes. I’m going to decorate the walls with a combination of airplane vinyl decals (which I’m going to cut using my Silhouette Cameo) and airplane artwork. I’ve started collecting ideas and inspiration from Pinterest:




Cute decal and propeller


Artwork idea


More artwork ideas

I can’t wait to get some of these projects done so that the room is put together and complete. And, of course, I’ll be sharing the final room with all of you! My goal is to get everything done by the end of March- let’s hope I can make it!

Even without it fully done up and decorated, Ian loves his new room. I wasn’t sure how well he’d take to adjusting to a new room and leaving all his old furniture and stuff behind, but he’s done great! He’ll even point to the crib (which has been changed back into a crib) and tell us “this is for baby sister”, which is so neat. We’re all getting very excited (if not a bit anxious) for this little girl to arrive, so having some projects will definitely help keep me busy and help take my mind off things!

Have you transitioned a kid to a new room (or new bed)? How did it go?

Week Round-Up

So you probably noticed I’ve been MIA recently. Between traveling, sickness, bad weather, and more sickness, it’s been hard to find the drive (or free time) to write. But I’m hoping to change all that starting this week. I’m feeling much better, and even though we still have sub-freezing temperatures to contend with, I don’t think any more snow or inclement weather is on the horizon…or at least nothing that would sideline me for too long.

So, what have I been up to since I’ve been away from the blog?

1) Ian and I went on a mini trip to Washington, D.C.
One of my very good friends from College is having a baby in April (HOORAY!), and her baby shower was February 15th. Fortunately, with Monday being a holiday, I was able to justify making the plane trip to visit some friends and go to the shower. I am so glad that we went. Ian loved being on the airplane, I had a fantastic time at the shower, and it was so lovely catching up with old friends. It was cold, but it was a great trip.


Watching the airplanes at the airport

2) Both Ian and I battled stomach bugs
Unfortunately, on the last night of our stay in D.C., Ian got pretty sick and we were up all night battling vomit. I’ll spare you the details, but it was not pretty. On the plus side, he was over it in a few hours and he was perfectly fine the next morning and during our plane trip home (thank goodness!). But, on Tuesday night, I managed to come down with the same mystery illness and was sidelined most of the evening and almost all day Wednesday. Then I thought I was better until it resurfaced Thursday night as I was trying to fall asleep. I wasn’t totally out of commission on Friday, but I was definitely not 100%. I seem to be better now, finally, so hopefully it stays this way.

3) Ian’s new big boy bedroom received attention
Ian’s new twin bed arrived at the beginning of February, and Jon and I were able to put it together with relative ease. We did have some faulty pieces which required slight modification (thank goodness for a handy husband!), and one of the drawer pieces was broken so we couldn’t assemble the under-bed drawers right away, but all in all it went together pretty well, and I really like how it turned out. Ian likes his new bed, too. We bought him Disney Planes sheets (which he picked out), and moved most of his stuff from his nursery into his new room. He has adjusted pretty well to sleeping on a twin bed, and he seems to really like having a new (bigger) room. Last week, the replacement drawer piece arrived, so I was able to assemble the drawers (by myself, no less!) and put them under the bed.


4) Baby girl’s nursery is starting to take shape
Now that Ian is (mostly) moved out of the nursery (we still need to get him a dresser!), we have started turning it back into a baby room. The side rail went back on the crib and the mattress has been raised back up to its highest setting. I’ve picked out the color palette (future post on that to come, I’m sure!) and started planning the décor. Once I can get out to the fabric store (couldn’t on Saturday due to the level 2 snow emergency- basically, don’t drive unless you HAVE to), I can start knocking out some of my sewing projects (crib skirt, curtain tie backs, rocking chair cushions/pillows, etc.). I am starting to get a little nervous that we are 11 weeks away and still have a decent amount to do to get the nursery (and our lives) ready for this new baby.

So there you have it- the highlights of our lives the past week or so. Anyone else battling snowy (or COLD) weather or sickness?

Baby Makes Four!


I am so excited to announce that our family of three is growing to FOUR!  Yes, that’s right!  My husband and I are expecting, and our little bundle of joy should be making his/her arrival in May 2015.  We are both thrilled and excited- if not a little apprehensive about the changes to come.

We have told Ian, of course, that a new baby is coming and that he is going to be a big brother.  I don’t think he gets it.  But that’s ok- he’s only two.  I’m hoping that as I get further along and he gets a little older he’ll start to grasp the concept. And I hope he gets excited about it.  I loved growing up with siblings, and I can’t wait to see how their relationship will develop and turn out.

So far, this pregnancy has been pretty easy, and in some ways it’s been similar to my first.  But in others it’s been VERY different.

1) Morning Sickness
I had this with both pregancies for basically the entire first trimester (starting even before I had a positive pregnancy test).  With Ian, I just had a constant feeling of nausea- that unsettled stomach feeling that’s similar to motion sickness.  With this baby, I would go a few hours feeling fine and then BAM! Out of nowhere, I would suddenly feel ill.  Fortunately, I never vomited with either pregnancy… but that doesn’t make the feeling any easier to handle.

2) Showing
I didn’t show with Ian until I was 20 or so weeks along.  I mean, if you KNEW I was pregnant, you could probably tell earlier.  And if I wore a skin tight shirt or something you could tell something was amiss (but it mostly just looked like I needed to do some sit-ups).  But I was wearing regular clothes through my 20th week, including regular jeans.  Not true with this pregnancy.  I started showing by 8 weeks.  Not horribly obvious- probably about the same amount of obvious that I showed from weeks 14-20 in my first pregnancy.  And now, at 18 weeks, it’s pretty obvious that I’m pregnant.  I’ve been in pregnancy pants since about week 12, and pregnancy tops for about 2 or 3 weeks.  It’s insane how much different this is!

3) Cravings
I really didn’t have any cravings with Ian.  The only thing I could potentially put into this category is that there were times when all I really wanted to eat were hamburgers.  Jon would ask me what I wanted to eat for dinner, and I’d inevitably say that I could really use a burger.  I haven’t really had any cravings this pregnancy, either.  But I also haven’t been wanting hamburgers… this time around, it’s nachos.  If we are going out to eat someplace that has nachos, I’ll more than likely order them.  I don’t really count these as cravings because they aren’t things I MUST have- just things that sound good and I’d prefer to eat.

4) Overall feeling
With Ian, I never felt overly sick or tired or swollen or anything.  So far, that’s held true for this pregnancy, too (with the exception of some mild heartburn that recently made its appearance).  But I’m still less than half-way through, so we’ll see if this continues!

For those of you with mutliple pregnancies- did you find they were very different, or pretty similar?

Preparing for a New Baby

I am so so so excited!  My brand-new nephew was just born Monday morning, and I am over the moon for my brother and his wife.  I cannot wait to meet the little guy.  They have great timing, too, because we are making a trip back to visit family (and go to our 10 year high school reunion- scary!) this weekend.  So I am dancing with anticipation and joy at the thought of seeing his cute little face in person.

But their new arrival got me thinking back to when I was pregnant with Ian, and all the “stuff” that I got to get ready for him.  I’ve seen a lot of lists out there about what to buy, and a lot about what not to buy.  I’m not going to tell you what to buy or not- that’s totally your choice.  Instead, I’m going to tell you what I would buy again in a heartbeat. Things I loved and still love!

1) Aden + Anais Classic Swaddles


These blankets are BY FAR my favorite blankets ever. We used them for swaddling and overall comfort when Ian was a newborn. Then when we got to be too long and wiggly, we used them as a lovey. Once Ian was rolling and no longer swaddled, we used it in the crib as a light blanket. I know, I know…suffocation!  Danger!  But I actually felt really safe leaving these blankets in the crib with him (but please note- I am not a child expert, doctor, baby whisperer, etc… so please use your own judgment about these things). They are extremely lightweight (they’re muslin), and Ian was able to brush things off his face and body at this point. Now, at almost 2, “blankie” is a must-have item for Ian. We got 2 packs, and I’m so glad! That way we can always have a fresh, clean one available when we need it (or more than one, as Ian often insists on carrying around 2 or 3 at a time)!




2) Aquaphor

Our daycare actually clued us in on this wonder!  Ian had pretty dry, itchy skin as a baby (and still does at times).  We had no idea what to do to help him out…one day, daycare suggested Aquaphor.  Let me just say it is amazing stuff.  Greasy, and slippery…but amazing.

3) Sound Machine

We got a simple sound machine for Ian- it has a few different “white noise” options and some music, as well as a projector (for these little image disks that rotate).  We hardly ever used the projector, but we use the ocean sound every single night.  I’m not sure that it really helps HIM all that much, but it gives me a little extra piece of mind knowing that there is something to help drown out the noise that I’m sure we make while he is sleeping.

4) Infant to Toddler Rocker


We used this thing daily when Ian was little.  It has a vibration setting, so we’d plop him in it (sometimes even swaddled) and use it to calm him down.  It worked really really well.  Now that he’s older, he doesn’t use it much- but he does like to climb into it every now and then and play with the bar of animals.


5) Flannel Receiving Blankets

We used these as spit rags and they were by far the best spit rags we owned.  We had some other things that were actually called spit rags- but they were too small and not absorbent enough.  These were perfect.  We had 2 packs of them, and we probably could have used 2 more for the sheer amount of spit up Ian was able to produce.  I can’t imagine not having these.

6) Summer Infant SwaddleMe Wraps


We clued into these a little later- maybe a few months in.  And oh goodness they are a game changer!  They make swaddling a breeze!  They turn your little one into a snug baby burrito and the Velcro stays in place so your wiggle worm can’t break free.  We were fairly good at swaddling with a regular blanket, but once Ian got more squirmy, these made a world of difference.


7. Skip Hop playmat
I loved this mat, and so did Ian!! I liked it mostly because of just how beautiful it is. Unlike the preponderance of baby toys, this is NOT super bright and gaudy. It has a nice color palate and the dangling toys are adorable. I also liked how easy it was to store, transport, and set up. Ian liked it because of all the animals and the various activity panels. Win-win!



What items did you use for your kids that you loved and would definitely use again??