{GiveAway} September Barefoot Books Facebook GiveAway

Have you been on my Barefoot Books Facebook page lately? Did you see I’m doing ANOTHER book giveaway?

This time, you have the chance to win “African Animals ABC.”  I love the pictures in this book- they are so beautiful and interesting! I also love the unique animals my kids get to see while flipping through the pages.


What are you waiting for? Head over to Facebook to snag an entry!!

{GiveAway} August Facebook Giveaway with Beth’s Barefoot Books!


“Secret Seahorse” is one of my favorite books from Barefoot Books!  Clare Beaton is one of my favorite Barefoot illustrators- you can almost feel the felt she used to create her whimsical and vibrant images.  Explore the ocean while looking for the seahorses in this lovely little paperback, then read the educational end-notes about the sea and the creatures that live there.

Entering the contest is easy- and it’s open for the ENTIRE month of August!  Just head over to Beth’s Barefoot Books on Facebook and find the Secret Seahorse GiveAway image.  Then leave a comment sharing something you did this summer.  That’s it!  One commenter will be randomly selected to win a paperback copy of the book.

What are you waiting for?  Head over there now…I’d love to hear about your summer!

Barefoot Books Facebook Party Recap

Last night’s Barefoot Books Facebook party was a lot of fun! I was so glad to have so many folks join me- some new friends, as well as some old ones. The party page is still open and available for folks who want to browse through the posts and conversation. And anyone is welcome to get in on the party order- just make sure you contact me before April 18th since that’s when I’ll be finalizing everything.

You’ll have to go to the Facebook party page for all the conversation and reading-together tips that we discussed, but here’s a look at the books I highlighted last night.  I still can’t get enough of our new releases…





You’re Invited!!


I’m hosting a virtual (live, online) Barefoot Books Facebook Party on April 13 (8:00PM Eastern), and you are invited!

Spring has bought some awesome new releases to the Barefoot Books inventory, and I would love the opportunity to share them with you!  Of course we also have some of our “old” favorites that I absolutely have to mention, so we’ll be looking at those, as well.  Just for attending, you’ll be entered into a raffle for a FREE surprise book!  And each friend you invite (who also attends) will earn you an additional raffle entry.  We’ll also have some other prizes throughout the evening, so you definitely don’t want to miss out.

Hop over to the event page and RSVP by clicking “Join” so you will be added to the event.  And don’t forget to log onto Facebook and visit the event page on April 13 at 8:00PM (Eastern) to participate and see all the amazing things Barefoot has to offer!

Hope to “see” you there!

Read Together Tuesdays {Series}


Today’s featured book is…
“Bear About Town”


Ian loves the Bear books, and this one is no exception.  It all started with “Bear Takes a Trip” (another fantastic story we read frequently, as evidenced by the fact it goes with us EVERYWHERE and is much abused loved).  Ian and I were so enamored with the story (and the bright, colorful, PACKED pages) that we slowly started growing our Bear collection.  “Bear About Town” is great because it follows Bear on his adventures on each day of the week.  We love learning what Bear did on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.  It also lets us talk about what day it is TODAY and TOMORROW, and what we do on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.  This is great for open discussion with your child!


Like most (nearly all?) of the Bear books, this one also comes in a Spanish version.  Super cool if you have a kid who is a native Spanish speaker, already bilingual, or is learning Spanish as another language.


You can purchase “Bear About Town” in English here for just $6.99 (paperback or board book). If you want the Spanish version, you can get it here, also $6.99 (paperback only).

Happy reading!!

Two new releases from Barefoot Books, a spring SALE, and a giveaway!

I love it when I get to share awesome new Barefoot Books news and information! We have 2 new releases that I absolutely LOVE- you will definitely want to get your hands on them.

Millie’s Chickens

hardcover, $16.99 / paperback, $8.99

Tend Millie’s backyard chickens from day to night in this rhyming picture book, which is right on trend and packed with STEM-friendly science info. (Ages 5-9)

TJ270-8-14 P01-40 175L CTP.indd

TJ270-8-14 P01-40 175L CTP.indd

Why buy it?
– FARM-TO-TABLE: Locavore theme focuses on where food comes from and gives an appreciation for the hard work behind it
– URBAN FARMING: Backyard setting reflects urban farming trend and makes this agricultural experience accessible to most readers
– BIOLOGY: Includes eight pages of educational endnotes about chickens, from breeding to preparing eggs for eating
– RESPONSIBILITY: Depicts both the effort and rewards of caring for animals yourself

You can also buy a Millie’s chicken gift set for $15.99 (retail price $17.98), which includes the paperback edition of Millie’s Chickens and the Chick Finger Puppet:


Daddy Island

paperback, $7.99

This gentle, lyrical picture book will inspire parent-child play from playtime to bedtime.

DaddyIsland_PB_1  DaddyIsland_PB_3

Why buy it?
– PHYSICAL PLAY: This gentle story guides fun physical partner-play between parent and child
– FAMILIAL BONDS: Celebrates the special bond between parent and child
– LYRICAL TEXT: Stimulates language building through vivid vocabulary and imagery

And we’re also in the middle of our spring sale, so don’t delay- head on over to Barefoot now to check out all we have to offer AND save!

“Millie’s Chickens” is such a hit that I’m giving away ONE copy! Enter below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Read Together Tuesdays {Series}


Today’s featured book is…
“I Took the Moon for a Walk”


This has always been one of my absolute favorite books from Barefoot.  The rhyme is just so soothing, and the illustrations are wonderful.  And, as with many of our books, this one has some lovely endnotes with facts about the moon and various nocturnal animals.



I think what I like most about this book, though, is that it helps illustrate that night time is really not that scary, especially when you have a friend like the moon by your side.  Really fantastic for kids who are afraid of the dark or having a hard time going to sleep at night.  I also love that this can easily substitute for “Goodnight Moon” and give us a much needed break from reading that story for the millionth time (don’t get me wrong, I like “Goodnight Moon”- but it’s nice to have a different moon story!!).

“I Took the Moon for a Walk” is recommended for kids ages 1-7 (the endnotes relaly help stretch the value of this book!) and is available in paperback for just $7.99 (an English version and French version is available).  If you’re nervous about having a paperback around your little one, it’s also available in large format board book for $14.99.  This is a nice, big size, that makes it easy for small hands to hold and flip the pages.

I know if you try this book out, it will quickly become one of your favorites, too!

Happy reading!!

Read Together Tuesdays {Series}


Today’s featured book is…
“Driving My Tractor”


This has recently become a favorite book in our house. It just has so many wonderful things going for it.

1) A tractor.
My son LOVES tractors, so of course this book already entices him from the start.

2) A song.
In addition to tractors, my son loves to sing and dance. So there’s another pro for this book. Plus, the song is really adorable and the words are EASY. The included CD is just an extra bonus. It plays on a computer with an animation, but we just like to pop it into the CD player and sing along as we flip pages.


3) Farm Animals.
What kid doesn’t love animals? I mean, really. If I had a dollar for every time we sing Old McDonald (or Old McDongle, as Ian calls it), I’d be rich beyond my wildest dreams. I love that this is another farm song, with animal noises, but that it’s also decidedly different. And the animals are familiar enough that even the littlest ones will be able to recognize them and the sounds.

4) Counting and other hidden fun.
Because I always love finding opportunities to sneak in fun ways to reinforce things Ian is learning. Yes, this is a fun, colorful book. And yes, there is a cute, catchy song. But the premise behind it is that the farmer is adding animals to his tractor- and with each new animal, we get a new number. One cow, two donkeys, three pigs, four sheep, five chickens. I also like that the animals are somewhat hidden on the page, so Ian and I can have a mini scavenger hunt when a new animal is introduced. The abundance of imagery on each page is one of the many things I love about Barefoot. You can flip through the book 50 times and never even have to read the text. Our books are great for making up your own story and interacting with your child (find something green, count the pigs, what color is the cow?, etc). Yes, this can be done with other books, too, but Barefoot just makes it SO easy. The pages are just BEGGING to be explored.


5) The farming endnotes.
This is something Barefoot does in many of our stories that I just absolutely adore. There are two beautiful, colorful two-page spreads of informational endnotes about farming equipment, crops, and more.

6) There is also a matching puzzle.
How genius! We love the 2-in-a-box puzzle that accompanies this book, and Ian frequently asks to work on the puzzles together. One puzzle has 12 large pieces. The other has 24 smaller pieces. Ian likes them both but definitely has an easier time with the 12 piece puzzle. But both come in the box, and both depict different scenes from the book. Definitely fun!


The puzzle, just $14.99. Targeted for ages 3+ but my son has been enjoying this since he was 2 or so.

7) And a free finger puppet activity.
I love that Barefoot creates and provides free crafts for so many of our books. This is a nice activity that even kids too young for the puzzle can do an enjoy.  You can download the activity here.

So, if you have a kid who likes animals or farms or tractors or songs (or all of the above), I can’t recommend this book enough. This just may become a favorite in your house, too!

You can purchase “Driving My Tractor” here for just $9.99 (paperback w/enhanced CD). And if you want the puzzle, that can be found here for just $14.99.

Happy reading!!

Books! Gads of Books!

Little Library

We love books.  If there’s one thing I’m never sorry about buying, it’s books. For myself, for my family, and especially for Ian.  We bought books for Ian before he was even born, and we got a good number of books as baby shower presents (score!).

Reading outside

Reading outside

Ians’ first Christmas, at age 2 months?  There were books under the tree.

Ian’s first Easter?  There were books in his Easter Basket.

Ian’s first birthday? Books.

Ian’s second Easter? Well, you get the point…






Books are seriously the BEST gift ever.  They are such a great (and fairly cheap) method of entertainment.  In fact, now, at nearly 20 months old, when we’re riding in the car, we can give Ian a book to “read” and he will flip through the pages and babble to himself and be thoroughly OK for a span of time that sometimes exceeds 20 or more minutes.  What a deal!

Reading in the car

Reading in the car


So, for anyone looking to start a “library” or book collection for your little reader (or future reader), here are some of Ian’s favorites, from babyhood to today!

Babyhood (birth to 12 months old):
1. Baby Bird Count


Ian’s all time favorite babyhood book… we used to read this DAILY, even multiple times a day.  I’m not sure why he found it so appealing (maybe the babies in costume?) but he loved it.  And it’s a pretty simple book that lends itself to a lot of reader/baby interaction.

2. Mr Brown Can Moo! Can You?


Ian also absolutely LOVED this book.  We actually still read it now quite frequently.  I attribute his ability to do animal sounds reasonably well at a fairly young age to the number of hours we’ve spent flipping through this book.

3. First 100 Words


This was a book I really debated about buying, but O.M.G. he about lost his mind when he first saw it.  Definitely a good purchase.  He loves to flip through all the really brightly colored pages and point out the different objects on the pages.  I used to point out the various items on the pages for him, and then we progressed to a type of scavenger hunt (“Ian, where’s the ball??”), and now we still read it with Ian naming the objects (“Ian, what’s this?”).  It’s pretty fun, actually… and a neat way to see what he really knows.

4. Squishy Turtle and Friends


This book is adorable, drool proof (it’s cloth), interactive, and colorful. Ian also happened to really enjoy this book. We took it EVERYWHERE…it was a diaper bag staple. He still likes to crinkle it and flip through the pages every now and then, so while it doesn’t get heavy use these days, it still gets time in the regular book rotation.

Toddlerhood (12 months to present):
1. Good Night Moon


I think everyone knows this book, and most of us probably had it in our homes growing up. We got this for Ian when he was about 6 months old, but he didn’t show much interest in it until recently. Now I feel like we read it every night (I think I have it memorized).

2. Bear Takes a Trip


We got this in our second Citrus Lane box (you can read about Citrus Lane and my thoughts here), and it has been a hit ever since Ian laid eyes on it. I probably could have included this in the babyhood list (because it got regular reading time then, too), but he still loves to read it and it comes with us almost everywhere these days.

3. Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?


I’m sure everyone is familiar with Eric Carle’s other famous children’s book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. We have that book, but Ian just isn’t really interested in it. Hopefully that will change over time; we’ll see. I was afraid he would feel ambivalent towards this book, too. Boy was I wrong! He loves the colorful animals and really enjoys flipping back and forth through the pages. This one also gets heavy use in our house!

4. That’s Not My Plane


I bought this book at a book fair, thinking it was a cute little touch and feel book. And since my husband is an aerospace engineer, it felt appropriate that our son should have a book that contained airplanes. This isn’t my favorite book (the pictures are nice enough but some of the plane attributes are a little weird— “…its wheels are too squashy”— not sure what that means…), but Ian really likes it. So I guess that’s what really matters.


Do you have any of these books? What books do your little ones love? I’d love to hear all about them, as I’m always looking for new adds to our library!!